patpong records is a place for artists of the electronica scene, besides artists of the clubbing scene.
The two German music junkies Michaela Treffil and Christian Sumser founded the label 2007 in Bucharest/ Romania.

The official launch of patpong records takes place on the 1st October 2007 with the physical releases ‘Subliminal Crush’ [DvD] and ‘Red’ [CD] by the Romanian electronica artist ‘yvat’, and after short time the 'Absurd-Trilogy' by 'wetpussyallstars' and 'Brazda Lui Novac's' 'Praf' and 'Aqstix' EPs.
In process of time we got in touch with many turntable artists so we decided, besides our passion for electronica and IDM, to expand in this direction, too.

The first Dj who’re paying our attention were Bourne Van Gello, very popular in the UK, followed by Hesit8, Cosmin Georgian, Mp NeMMo (Romania), Drehkontrolle (Germany), Benzo Baseline (Australia), Igor O.Vlasov (Federal Republic of Russia), Mikromatika (Ukraine) and the Belgian producer and Dj’s Vats & Yana.

Besides these house and techno-productions, we’re still focused on the Romanian electronica-scene and discovered many new talents like qbik, eL.D.A., Randomform, Minus si Ion, George Elgyn, Alternati-v- (Victor M), ODT, Brazda Lui Novac, Sun Sattva, Florin Gabor/ GABBO.

In November 2009 we’d founded the sub-label patpong [club] records to present all dance and techno artist under one banner, while patpong records stands still for the genre electronica in all his variety.

Three years later, patpong records released overall 37 electronica, house and techno-productions and we're looking light-hearted in the furture to discover more exiting sounds as we do in the past.

Like looking forward and enjoy the first release of the year 2011 by 'eLDA', 'pje' ... tbc


The name of the label is inspired by the world famous amusement quarter called 'Patpong' in the heart of Bangkok / Thailand.
Fascinated after a couple of trips to Thailand respectively Bangkok, the weirdos Michaela & Christian decided to name the label after one of the most wackiest place, they had ever been seen.

All background images on every platform represent, 'patpong records', even of this site and the website itself, are manipulated photos, snapped in Bangkok, esp. in the quarter Patpong. Move to this gallery to watch the original ones

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