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11th December 07 - Out Now: - Bourne Van Gello -

The debut-album by 'Bourne Van Gello', self titled, is released today and ready for download! Please check out the artists-site of Bourne Van Gello to get the direct-links to the download-platforms.

10th December 07 - - Midola Music -

Noul album "Red" de yvat si DVD-ul "Subliminal Crush"! De obtinut la Magazinul Muzica si Magazinul Victoria la Midola Music.

5th December 07 - Welcome - Bourne Van Gello - top

Our newest signing: Bourne Van Gello, producer and Dj, based in Liverpool/ UK, will release his selftitled deput on patpong records. It is available on the download-platforms Juno, Track it Down and Beats Digital. Date of release will be the 11th of Dezember 2007.
Bourne Van Gello

26th November 07 -

Now available in all stores of Carturesti: The DVD "Subliminal Crush //music: yvat //video: Black Moon" and the brandnew album by yvat: "Red"!

16th November 07 -

We're presenting you another option to download the sound of 'yavt' and 'weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]' on, trackitdown!
Of course on high resolution 192 & 320kbps and .wav-files

The direct links to the releases, you'll find in the artists-section.

12th November 07 - Dj Vadim Soundsystem Live!

Keep in mind: The date of Dj Vadims live-performance at 'Becker Bräu Live Music' has moved from the 17th to the 18th of November!

5th November 07 -

Now it is also possible, to download the releases from 'yvat' and 'weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]' at Juno Records. You can choose between 192kbs, 320kbs and .wav-files., as a matter of course, the highest quality. You will find the direct download-links, if you're move to the artists-pages on this site .

1th November 07 - Dj Vadim Soundsystem Live! top

On the 17th of November, Dj Vadim, at the moment on his "The Soundcatcher Tour", plays at 'Becker Bräu Live Music' here in Bucharest! Don't miss this date...

29th October 07 - Dj Kicks - Booka Shade, Henrik Schwarz [Live], Cobblestone and Ewan Pearson!
Watch out for new releases by !K7: Dj Kicks - Booka Shade, Henrik Schwarz [Live], Cobblestone and Ewan Pearson!

28th October 07 -

Join now the possibility to download, on high resolution, the new album "Red" of 'yvat' and the first and second part (of IV) of the 'Absurd Trilogie', the EPs "Intervention" and "Mindsweeper" by 'weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]' on!

27th October 07 - Release- Dates for 'Intervention' and 'Mindsweeper' by "[TYLS] aka weTpussYalLstarS"!

We have set, on short-term, the release-dates for the first two EPs of the 'Absurd-Trilogie' by '[TYLS] aka weTpussYalLstarS' , 'Intervention' and 'Mindsweeper' on the 29th of October 2007.

11th October 07 - Videos and more Music!
Visit us on to hear additional sound and watch short video-clips of 'yvat' and 'weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]' !

1th October 07 - !K7 - bbe - Get Physical Music - Rush Hour - District 6
Enjoy our shop, where you can get, aside by the releases of patpong records, the hottest stuff of our distribution-labels
!K7, Get Physical, bbe, Rushhour, and District 6 on the territory of Romania. Please notice, that it's possible to get all
releases of their back catalogues as well.
Simply send us a mail; we'll get back on you immediately.

If you prefer to pay by cash, by bank transfer  or by cash on delivery, please write us a mail with your order to

30th September 07 - online! top

We'll release on 2007-10-01 the new DVD of 'yvat & Black Moon' called "Subliminal Crush", the new album of 'yvat' named "Red" and the EP "Mindsweeper" of 'weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]'. Exclusive and worldwide! Check out the artists-section to get more infos about these productions.

Welcome on the sites of patpong records!

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