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19th December 08 - Out Now: Drehkontrolle - 'Rock Da House'!


19th December 08 - Out Now: Randomform - ''!


19th December 08 - George Elgyn - 'No Trespassing'

George Elgyn

edit: release date tbc

13th December 08 - Releases 'December 2008'

As our Aggregator received some kind of problems by transmitting data to our download-platforms, we have to push some releases to new dates.

Stay tuned for further infos.

05th December 08 - Drehkontrolle 'Rock Da House' top

Release 'Rock Da House' 2008-12-12!

edit: tbc

16th November 08 - Welcome 'eL.D.A.'!
Would you please welcome: 'eL.D.A.'.

15th November 08 - Welcome 'qbik'!
Would you please welcome: 'qbik'.

15th October 08 - Welcome 'George Elgyn'!
The romanian Artist 'George Elgyn' will release his album 'No Trespassing' on 'patpong records' at the 19th of December!

14th October 08 - '' - Randomform
The release date of Randomform's '' will be the 12th of December 2008!

01st October 08 - Welcome 'Randomform'! top
Would you please welcome: 'Randomform'.

30th September 08 - 'Rock Da House'
We've fixed the release-date for the EP 'Rock Da House' by "Drehkontrolle".


22th September 08 - Welcome - Drehkontrolle - !
The EP 'Rock Da House' from the german Turntable-Artist 'Drehkontrolle' will be released in the forthcoming Fall. More infos about 'Drehkontrolle' will follow...

19th September 08 - '6-7 Ausgang' - weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]


05th September 08 - Louie Austen vs patpong records!
We're proudly announced a special collaboration between patpong records and Louie Austen. Traditional Romanian songs meet the unique voice of Louie Austen in an electronic music context.

Confirmed Artists who are involved in this project (so far): Brazda Lui Novac, Alternati-v- & weTpussYalLstarS

03th September 08 - iTunes & Co! top
All soundZ of 'patpong records' are now available as downloads at all iTunes Stores, Amazon MP3, emusic, Raphsody, Napster, Groupie Tunes, Lala and Shockhound.

18th July 08 -'6-7 Ausgang' - weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS] top
Watch out for the really, really new release date of 'weTpussYalLstarS - 6-7 Ausgang': 19th of September 2008!

Yes, technical issues...;-)

19th June 08 - Welcome Alternati-v-
Advance Noitice:

The romanian Dj & Musician Victor Mihailescu aka 'Alternati-v-' will release his debut album 'Turning Point' on patpong records.


10th May 08 - 'Louie Austen' - Tonight Live in Bucharest top
Don't miss 'Louie Austen' live at Studio Martin, supported by 'Brazda Lui Novac & Khidja'!

Doors open at 10:00pm... C u tonight!

19th April 08 - 'Louie Austen' - Live in Bucharest - 10th May 2008
powered by Radio Guerrilla Eliberadio

17th April 08 - 'Louie Austen' - Live in Bucharest - 10th May 2008
parteneri: Mioow (A), Klein Records (A),,,, metropotam, feeder, beatfactor, yazee, Time4Music, afterparty
17th April 08 - '6-7 Ausgang' - weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS] - top
The fourth and final part of the 'Absurd Trilogie' by weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS] , '6-7 Ausgang', will be released on 18th of July 2008. As the straightest part of this 'Trilogy', it comes up with hypnotically beats, tricky loops and freaky snippets of homemade samples....more

13th March 08 - 'Louie Austen' - Live in Bucharest - 10th May 2008 top
Louie Austen, artistul austriac cu stilul sau unic si vocea matasoasa care aminteste de Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean
 Martin, Sammy Davis Jr.) combina ritmuri electronice & dance cu povesti despre jocul de seductie, dragoste, a 
parasi si a fi parasit, sentimente de speranta si de dor. El a introdus in universul Undergroundului electronic intreaga
 sa experienta in spectacole fulminante, in show-uri reusite, cu charisma si charmulunui entertainer profesional.
 Louie Austen reprezinta o figura integranta, care reuneste diferitele stiluri, care inainte erau considerate ca
 incompatibile. In felul acesta reuseste de ani de zile sa reduca presupusele contradictii si prejudecati intre: Jazz si
 Dance-Beats, generatia matura si scena tineretului, stilul smart si Underground. „Eu pot fi impacarea”, descrie el 
insusi pozitia sa, „puntea intre vechi si nou, intre tineri si varstnici”. 
Colaborari la productii muzicale si live a avut intre altele cu Peaches, Gonzales, Mocky, Matthew Herbert si
Senor Coconut.

Louie Austen

29th February 08 - 'Secrom Security' - weTpussYalLstarS - Out Now!
The third part of the 'Absurd Trilogie' by weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS] , 'Secrom Security' is the most dance-able sound, the 'pussy's' have ever produced....;-)

29th February 08 - 'Aqstix' - Brazda lui Novac - Out Now!
'Aqstix', Brazda lui Novac 's second release on 'patpong records', offers you an stunning journey into the sound-space of thrilling electronica....
In the matter of composing music for movies, 'Brazda' fulfilled this piece of sound with incredible liveliness and
conduction...simply unique.

25th February 08- Aqstix & Secrom Security
Because of technical issues, we push the release-date of 'Aqstix' by Brazda lui Novac and 'Secrom Security' by weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS] to the forthcoming friday, the 29th of February.

12th February 08 - Brazda lui Novac - // Aqstix //

We've also fix a release-date for Brazda lui Novac's second EP 'Aqstix'.
This piece of highly unique electronica will be available from the 26th of February.

11th February 08 - Secrom Security / weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS] top

We have fix the release-date for the 3th EP of the 'Absurd-Trilogie' by ' weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]' . The launch of 'Secrom Security' will take place on the 26th of February.

This release of the Trilogie will be the most experimental and spinned one.... take a first impression in a few days on the [ artist-page ]....

15th Januar 08 - Out Now: - Brazda lui Novac // Praf // -

Brazda lui Novac's very first release 'Praf' represents part 1 of 2 eps.

Look forward for the distinctive sound of one of the mostly known artist of electronic-music in Romania!

[ more ]

9th Januar 08 -

Download our releases also on DanceRecords.

09th Januar 08 - Brazda lui Novac Live!

Brazda lui Novac (Zona Libera): 13.01.08 la Muzeul Taranului Roman.

Duminica se intampla al doilea revelion pe anul asta. Prin urmare, e pacat sa stai acasa.
Solutia vine de la Zona Libera:

DJ Vasile informeaza: "Muzica electronica pe toate partile live si DJ in fiecare duminica
la Muzeul Taranului Roman, de la ora 17 pina seara tirziu.
Asa cum toate stilurile muzicale se regasesc intr un loc anume, (vezi folk la Preoteasa)
asa sper sa se regaseasca din acest an si Zona Libera,
nu numai la Radio Guerilla dar si ca o manifestare constanta. Vor fi si proiectii
evident. Debutul va fi facut de Matze si Vasile, cu invitat special, Brazda lui Novac."

9th Januar 08 - Welcome - Brazda lui Novac -

'patpong records' proudly presents: Brazda lui Novac.
The release of the EP, 'Praf' will takes place on the 15th of january.

"Brazda lui Novac" is a project established in 1997 by Victor Popescu. He started making music using a computer and a DOS based software called Fasttracker II, while studying Architecture in Bucharest. He has an industrial/punk/shoegaze background, and he also used to play guitar from time to time with his friends, before he started his solo project....[ more ] 

8th Januar 08 - top

We're presenting another option, to download the sound of 'patpong records': Digital-Tunes.
To get the direct links to the releases, please visit the Artist-Section .

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