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31th Dezember 09

Have A Good New Year 2010!

16th Dezember 09 - Welcome: goothr3n!


File under 'patpong [club] records'.

04th Dezember 09 - Out Now: Ada Fijal feat. Louie Austen - 'Take Your Time'!

'Ada Fijal feat. Louie Austen'

30th November 09 - Ada Fijal feat. Louie Austen - 'Take Your Time' Release-Party!

Great news! The release party of Ada Fijal feat. Louie Austen's new release "Take Your Time" will be this Friday,
on the release date of the 4th December at the Blueberry Klub in Poznan/ Poland!

'Ada Fijal feat. Louie Austen'

22th November 09 - Welcome: 'patpong [club] records'!

Please welcome our new sub-label: patpong [club] records. For better identification,
all releases of our dance-music artists are founded from now on under this new banner!

21th October 09 - Update: 'Ada Fijal feat. Louie Austen - Take Your Time'!

'Ada Fijal feat. Louie Austen'

25th September 09 - Out Now: 'MP NeMMo - Pure & Simple'!

'MP NeMMo'

18th September 09 - Out Now: 'ODT - IZI P'!


26th August 09 - Welcome: 'GABBO'!

Would you please welcome: 'GABBO'

21th August 09 - Out Now: 'Alternati-v- Turning Points'!


03th August 09 - Coming Soon: 'Ada Fijal feat. Louie Austen - Take Your Time'!

'Ada Fijal feat. Louie Austen'

17th July 09 - Out Now: 'Mikromatika - The Way Is Music'!


10th July 09 - Out Now: 'Vats & Yana - Back To Our Roots'!

'Vats & Yana'

09th July 09 - DanceRecords

Since a couple of time, 'DanceRecords' is no longer available. There's no official statement till now, what happend to this company. If there comes up any news about it, we'll keep you inform.

05th July 09 - Welcome 'MP NeMMo'!

Would you please welcome: 'MP NeMMo'

22th June 09 - Out Now: 'qbik - sheba'!


09th June 09 - Welcome 'ODT'!

Would you please welcome: 'ODT'!

29th May 09 - Out Now: 'Benzo Baseline - Hyper Hydrosis'!

Hyper Hydrosis

22th May 09 - Out Now: 'Igor O.Vlasov - Influence'!


15th May 09

Upcoming Releases

06th May 09 - Follow us on 'Twitter'!


03th May 09 - New Options: 'Videos'!


22th April 09 - Welcome 'Mikromatika'!

Would you please welcome: 'Mikromatika'.

17th April 09 - Welcome 'Vats & Yana'!

Would you please welcome: 'Vats & Yana'.

02th April 09 - Welcome 'Benzo Baseline'!

Would you please welcome: 'Benzo Baseline'.

27th March 09 - Out Now: 'Minus si Ion'!

Minus si Ion

25th March 09 - 'eL.D.A. - mind interiors'!

Good news everybody! The Romanian artist el.D.A. will release his second production on 'patpong records'. It's named mind interiors and coming up soon!

24th March 09 - 'qbik - sheba'!

The second release of the Romanian artist qbik on 'patpong records', called sheba, will be released soon!

20th March 09 - Out Now: 'Hesit8 - Breath Fusions'!

'Breath Fusions'

12th March 09 - 'Minus si Ion'

The release of the self-titled EP of Minus si Ion will take place on the 27th of March!

09th March 09 - 'Brazda Lui Novac - Live on MTV Romania'

Don't miss Brazda Lui Novac live @ Club Control / Bucharest, broadcasted by MTV Romania, on the 12th of March!

06th March 09 - 'Hesit8 - Breath Fusions'

The release of Hesit8's 'Breath Fusions' EP will take place on the 20th of March!

05th March 09 - Welcome 'Igor O.Vlasov'! top

Would you please welcome: 'Igor O.Vlasov'.

20th February 09 - Out Now: 'Cosmin Georgian - Flores Guitarra'

'Flores Guitarra'.

19th February 09 - Welcome 'Minus si Ion'!

Would you please welcome: 'Minus si Ion'.

13th February 09 - Cosmin Georgian 'Flores Guitarra'

The release date of Cosmin Georgian's 'Flores Guitarra' will be the 20th February!

09th February 09 - Welcome 'Hesit8'! top

Would you please welcome: 'Hesit8'.

22th January 09 - Welcome 'Cosmin Georgian'!

Would you please welcome: 'Cosmin Georgian'.

16th January 09 - Out Now: George Elgyn - 'No Trespassing'!

George Elgyn

8th January 09 - Out Now: qbik - 'Malina & Besprinkle' and eL.D.A. - 'unlimited'!

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