06th December 10 - eLDA - EyeMusic

Enjoy the complete pre-listening of 'eLDA's forthcoming album 'EyeMusic'!

03th December 10 - [TYLS] - Pest-O-Flash

24th November 10 - Alterations!

As we change our distribution partner, a couple of items will not be available at some stores for a short time.

But don't worry, it's only temporary.

18th October 10 - eL.D.A. - EyeMusic

Listen exclusively to the track Addagio Uno from the forthcoming album EyeMusic by 'eL.D.A.'!

22th September 10 - Kampfwut - Raserei

More details about this head-crashing techno project coming shortly!

10th September 10 - Out Now: Florin Gabor - sofatronik

'Florin Gabor'

The Romanian artist ‘Florin Gabor’ acts usually as a dance-music composer (GABBO). His special musical trip deep into the world of hypnotic trance and chillout is called ‘sofatronik’. And it’s impressive so far.
The six tracks on ‘Sofatronik’ creates a feeling like to loll comfortable on a leopard fur or lying on a beach with sand between the fingers to sprinkle.
‘Florin Gabor’ presents us a really relaxed piece of music and let us stay in a dreamy mood to the leaving summertime.The tracks ‘DEEA’ and ‘The Realm’ break a little bit the atmosphere but in a refreshing way. Tight beats in combination with smooth harmonies emphasize the talent of ‘Florin Gabor’ leaving the shores of the dancefloor and let his creativity free for a flow.


Eigentlich ist der rumänische Künstler „Florin Gabor“ unter dem Alias „GABBO“ mehr in der Welt der Tanzmusik zu finden.
Auf seinem neuen Album taucht er allerdings tief in die Bereiche Chillout und Hypnotic-Trance ein. Und das wirklich beeindruckend.

Sechs Kompositionen die einem direkt das Gefühl geben, sich kuschelig auf einem Leopardenfell zu rekeln oder an einem Strand den Sand zwischen seinen Fingern rieseln zu lassen.

„Florin Gabor“ ist hier ein ganz besonders entspannendes Stück Musik gelungen, das einem leicht träumend den ausklingenden Sommer versüßt.

Die etwas vertrackteren Stücke „DEEA“ und „The Realm“ mit ihren komplexen Rhythmem setzen noch neue Akzente in Richtung Electronica und unterstreichen das ungewöhnliche Talent von „Florin Gabor“ auch abseits der Tanzfläche seiner Kreativität freien Lauf zu lassen.

27th July 10 - Out Now: Dark Droid - Electric Rebirth

'Dark Droid & Daito'

The Belgian artist Christophe Brassinne aka Dark Droid presents us on his first EP a mix of oldschool electronica and modern IDM sounds. The complex compositions are reminds a little bit the early days of electronica, far away from the, in parts, itchy percussion disasters of nowadays.

Smooth beats, extraordinary and unintrusive, and warm and dreamy harmonies feature this excellent release.

The very pithy use of vocal samples gives the tunes a special character, like a cherry on a cake.

All in all this EP contains a really relaxing and intense collection of tunes by an extraordinary artist.

At the moment Christophe Brassinne collaborates with Daito, part of the dance music production and DJ team Vats & Yana, composing new tunes by he’s working on his next release and we’re sure, this will be exceptional, too.

24th July 10 - the darkest hour in raving history... our hearts are fullfilled with grief and deepest sympathy to all relatives of the victims

We're stiffed in spechlessness.


20th July 10 - Coming soon: The debut album of Florin Gabor!

'Florin Gabor'

04th June 10 - Watch Out: Dark Droid & Daito!

'Dark Droid & Daito'

28th May 10 - Out Now: The Element - Digital Revolution!

'The Element'

30th April 10 - Out Now: Vats & Yana - 99 remember!

'Vats & Yana'.

29th April 10 - Would You Please Welcome: The Element!

Please welcome the UK based producer & Dj: 'The Element'.


12th April 10 - [TYLS] - Pest-O-Flash



31th March 10 - Out Now: Dark Droid - Suck My Brain!

Dark Droid - Suck My Brain


24th March 10 - Coming Soon: Vats & Yana - 99 remember!

The Belgian producer- and DJ team 'Vats & Yana' will release their new production on the 30th of April!

Vats & Yana - 99 remember


26th February 10 - Out Now: qbik - robots cry too!

qbik - robots cry too


14th February 10 - Dark Droid & Daito!

Please keep an eye on the cooperation of 'Dark Droid & Daito'!

Dark Droid, Daito [Vats & Yana]

05th February 10 - Out Now: GABBO & Sun Sattva - Believe In Music!

'GABBO & Sun Sattva - Believe In Music'.

02th February 10 - Would You Please Welcome: Dark Droid!

Please welcome: The extraordinary artist 'Dark Droid'.

29th January 10 - Out Now: goothr3n - New World!

Today's the release of the EP 'New World' by 'goothr3n'!

26th January 10 - qbik - New Album!

Good news everybody! The electronica artist qbik will release his new album 'robots cry too' on the 26th of February!

'qbik - robots cry too'

20th January 10 - Ada Fijal feat. Louie Austen Live!

Don't miss Ada Fijal & Louie Austen live @ the 'The Eve' in Warsaw on the 19th of February!

'Ada Fijal feat. Louie Austen'

19th January 10 - Coming soon: goothr3n - 'New World EP'!


File under 'patpong [club] records'.


08th January 10 - Ada Fijal, Ambassador of the Retro Day Spa in Warzow!

'www.retrodayspa.pl' & 'Madam Retro'.

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