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Alternati-v- 'Turning Points'

patpong records • download • PPR011DL • 2009-08-21

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Alternati-v-‘ is a musical side project, created by the Romanian techno Dj- and producer Victor M aka Victor Mihailescu.

On his debut album called ‘Turning Points’, he puts the listener to a journey of popular music: Tracks like ‘Turning Points’ / ‘Moonstruck’ reflected his chillout sides, ‘First Sight’ and ‘21st Century Breezer’ more downtempo moods in opposite of the triphop tunes like ‘Hypersleep’ and ‘Connected’.

The extraordinary sound of the track ‘Better’, he’d produced together with the Romanian singer Danni Claire would made it easily into the charts of any hit radio, who plays only pop music. The fragile and soft voice of Danni Claire fits perfectly to the sound of Victor.

Victor Mihailescu combines in a witty manner all his experiences he’s earned as a techno Dj and during his schooling to a studio engineer in London.

His sensitive sounds and well-thought-out compositions simply generate a special positive mood and a relax atmosphere.


"Turning Points is my debut album. It is not a planned or overproduced one, but rather late night ideas that caught shape really fast and seemed to capture my moods and feelings in unexpected but pleasant ways.
As you will discover, I love jumping between genres: chillout, downtempo, trip-hop, break-beat, trance elements being scattered all around. Big thanks to patpong records, Danny Claire and Danni Ionesco for joining me in this initiatial journey!"



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01. "Turning Points" - 2:54 [play]
02. "First Sight" - 3:24
03. "Moonstruck" - 5:21
04. "Better - feat. Danny (album edit)" - 4:40
05. "21st Century Breezer" - 4:31
06. "Hypersleep" - 4:43
07. "Connected" - 4:12
08. "Wavy Monday" - 6:29
09. "Night Revelations" - 4:12
10. "Perfect Cure feat. Danni Ionesco" - 4:30

biography: Alternati-v-
Born in September 1988 in the small town of Slobozia, Romania, Victor Mihailescu grew a great interest for music even from his childhood. It all started with old cassettes with Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Enigma from his parents, later on Music Instructor, Chemical Brothers, Moby, Chicane etc. Listening to a wide musical palette, he developed an extensive taste for various genres, from ambient to rock, house, trance and techno.

Over the years he tried many art forms: modern dances, (digital) painting, writing, movie making, in the end he discovered music is the most rewarding and fun one. After playing around with pc mixing software and theorethically learning how to mix on hardware, Victor kicked off by mixing live in front of a local pub’s owner, and the next day he was pushed straight to the head of a line up warm up the decks for, e.g. the well known Romanian DJ Vania.

Starting from that night he had the pub’s residency for one year. He also had a weekly trance show at Radio DJ, another one at Radio Net, was invited to Fresh FM, Radio Lynx , warm up for the famous Romanian group Suie Paparude and mixed at parties.

He started producing right after dj-ing, steadily but surely improving his sound and experimenting with various genres. Victor gets bored very easily, that’s why his sets are always changing and dynamic, and his productions are hard to categorize. He currently has two aliases: Victor M for techno, and Alternati-v- for electronica/ downtempo/ chillout productions.

Victor M