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biography: Brazda Lui Novac discography
"Brazda lui Novac" is a project established in 1997 by Victor Popescu. He started making music using a computer and a DOS based software called Fasttracker II, while studying Architecture in Bucharest. He has an industrial/punk/shoegaze background, and he also used to play guitar from time to time with his friends, before he started his solo project.

"Brazda lui Novac" means "A furrow of Novac" and it's the name of the district in his hometown Craiova, where he grew up. This name is also related to a nice local legend about a giant called Novac and his gigantic sword. In 1998, Victor decided that he prefers sound to architecture, and started working in a studio in Bucharest, doing music and sound design for commercials and sometimes working for movies.

In 2003 he started his own studio called "Square Sound Studio". In the time when almost everyone replaced the hardware synthesizers with software synths and samplers, Victor started using more and more hardware, entrusting his music with a certain physical feel, really hard to find nowadays. He likes Autechre and Aphex Twin and you can spot that in his music, but you will also notice his strange East-European underground roots, which is making his music so unique.

He never had an official release until now, despite the fact that he has been playing for quite a while.

The "Brazda lui Novac" style ranges from melodic synth effects to collages of 80’s industrial, techno and punk sound, often mingled with dream pop, everything brought up-to-date in the most intimate IDM style.

• 'Praf', patpong records
• 'Aqstix', patpong records

Brazda Lui Novac - 'Praf'
patpong records • download • PPR006EP • 2008-01-15


'Braza Lui Novac' (a project by Victor Popescu) is influenced by the denouncement practice of the communistic “comrade” very well going network era in The Socialist Republic of Romania. During this period and the first years after this era, there has been no true comunication in this environment. His approach to the change into a social network with all “on demand” informations and “friends” all over the world, is named “Praf" (engl.“Dust”).
The cover shows a robot hand receiving the gift of live, like in Michelangelo’s picture "The Creation of Adam". Sometimes it will be better to consider the obviously with caution. Sometimes it will be better to be alone, just with your family, just a few people you trust, than with millions. Maybe the current “social networks” would had a fantastic performance in the past... and so they will be have in the future depending on how human beings are will use the gift.

Cover design by reniform.

01. "Protone" - 3:46
02. "Low" - 2:48
03. "Sweet" - 4:56
04. "Praf" - 3:57

Brazda Lui Novac - 'Aqstix'
patpong records • download • PPR008EP • 2008-02-29


Brazda Lui Novac's second release 'Aqstix' is another highly unique piece of extraordinary electronica!
Look forward for the distinctive sound of one of the mostly know artist of electronic-music in Romania!

Cover design by reniform.

01. "Vis" - 3:44
02. "Drop" - 2:45
03. "Micro" - 3:16
04. "Patcher" - 5:28