Dark Droid
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Dark Droid 'Suck My Brain'
patpong records • download • PPR033DL • 2010-03-31

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The Belgian artist Christophe Brassinne aka Dark Drod presents us on his first EP a mix of oldschool electronica and modern IDM sounds. The complex compositions are reminds a little bit the early days of electronica, far away from the, in parts, itchy percussion disasters of nowadays.

Smooth beats, extraordinary and unintrusive, and warm and dreamy harmonies feature this excellent release.

The very pithy use of vocal samples gives the tunes a special character, like a cherry on a cake…

All in all this EP contains a really relaxing and intense collection of tunes by an extraordinary artist.

At the moment Christophe Brassinne collaborates with Daito, part of the dance music production and DJ team Vats & Yana, composing new tunes by he’s working on his next release and we’re sure, this will be exceptional, too.


01. "Lacryma" - 4:57 [ play]
02. "Mary J Speech" - 4:37 [ play ]
03. "Self Research" - 6:03 [ play ]
04. "Sexual Attraction" - 5:57 [ play ]