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eLDA - 'EyeMusic'
patpong records • download • PPR038DL • 2011-01-18

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Without any doubt, Dan Libotean aka ‘eLDA’ is one of the most exciting artists of the Romanian underground electronic music scene. His new album ‘EyeMusic’, release will be the 2011 January, 18th, hook up the spirit of ‘mind interiors’ and ‘unlimited’ and push it to the next level.

It really doesn’t matter which track you pick up, you always stick in ‘eLDA’s sound universe.

Discover intense tech-house vs electronica tunes without any sharp edges, nooks or cracks, enjoy a shiny downfall of smooth beats, fleecy harmonies and cozy bleeps.

This tendency in ‘eLDA’s sound, shows up on his last release ‘mind interiors’ cleary evident: warm dance-beats combines with gently harmonies, without losing control about the pressure in the patterns and the composition of the harmony-lines at all.

And in fact, this is one of ‘eLDA’s talent, namely composing brilliant, relaxing dance-tunes.

The 12 tracks on ‘EyeMusic’ will entertain you a long time to your limits, and be sure, you’ll awaiting the next release of ‘eLDA’.

01. "Entré Sil Vous Plait" - 5:09 [ play ]
02. "EyeMuzic" - 5:53 [ play ]
03. "Dark Orient" - 6:41 [ play ]
04. "Trumpets And Alcohool" - 7:04 [ play ]
05. "Maybe Too Sober" - 6:24 [ play ]
06. "Addagio Uno" - 4:21 [ play ]
07. "Lary Sun" - 7:11 [ play ]
08. "Dorothy" - 6:47 [ play ]
09. "Beatrix" - 6:39 [ play ]
10. "Dianet" - 6:09 [ play ]

11. "Contrasts Of A" - 4:30 [ play ]
12. "Marafrey" - 3:16 [ play ]

eL.D.A. - 'mind interiors'
patpong records • download • PPR021DL • 2009-04-24

available on all download stores of your choice, like beatport, iTunes and more


Being usually inspired by the environment and the world we live in, this time I’ve chose a different universe as a muse for composing. "Mind Interiors" is an introspection, a collection of my greatest senses and thoughts, transcribed into sound.

"This Party Was Great" is like a thank-you-note for all my experience with music, which I feel very ease to do.

"My imbecility" is a very personal song with an interesting harmony. Being very different from the songs on my first album, "Total Change" is a song that actually marks my journey from "unlimited" to "Mind Interiors".

"First Symptoms" is the start of what is to become almost pathological: creating. After that, the actual disease burst out, "Neuron Fight" and than recovering in "Supersonic Thoughts" with high expectations.

The album continues in a synesthesia way with a delicate fight between good, sanity feelings and destructive ones. The title "Sad Feeling" is like a parody of the actually track with good vibrations, but it also foretell, that the end of the album is near.

"Night Mode" is best working after sunset and gets you in bed with your loved one, creating a climax just before "This Is My Confession", which announces with almost sounds out of space what has been in the past and what will be in the future.  


Fiind inspirat in mod normal de exterior si de lumea in care traim, de data aceasta am ales un alt univers ca muza. "Mind Interiors" este o introspectie, o colectie de cele mai bune sentimente si ganduri transcrise in sunete.

"This Party Was Great" este ca o scrisoare de multumire pentru toata experienta mea cu muzica, pe care o fac cu placere. "My Imbecility" este o piesa foarte personala cu o linie melodica interesanta. Fiind foarte diferita de piesele de pe primul album "Total Change" marcheaza drumul de la "Unlimited" la "Mind Interiors".

"First Symptoms" este inceputul a ceea ce devine aproape patologic, creatia. Dupa aceea erupe boala insasi, "Neuron Fight" si dupa, recuperarea in "Supersonic Thoughts" cu asteptari inalte.

Albumul continua prin sinestezii, cu o delicata lupta intre sentimente sanatoase si distructive. Titlul "Sad Feelings" este ca o parodie la o piesa, de fapt foarte vesela, dar si prezice apropierea sfarsitului de album. Functionand cel mai bine dupa apus,"Nightmode" te aduce in pat cu persoana iubita, creand un punct culminant chiar inainte de "This Is My Confession" care anunta cu sunete aproape extraterestre ce a fost si ce va fi.

01. "This Party Was Great" - 6:20 [ full64k ]
02. "My Imbecility" - 7:17 [ play ]
03. "Total Change" - 7:54 [ play ]
04. "First Symptoms" - 7:10 [ play ]
05. "Neuron Fight" - 5:48 [ full64k ]
06. "Supersonic Thoughts" - 4:59 [ play ]
07. "Sad Feeling" - 7:44 [ play ]
08. "Nightmode" - 8:09 [ play ]
09. "This Was My Confession" - 6:24 [ play ]

eLDA - 'unlimited'
patpong records • download • PPR016DL • 2009-01-09

available on all download stores of your choice, like beatport, iTunes and more


Romanian Electronica!

01. "Shall We Dance" - 7:21 [ full64k ]
02. "Morones" - 8:03 [ play ]
03. "Apart" - 7:33 [ full64k ]
04. "Me And My Imaginary Listeners" - 7:48 [ play ]
05. "D Style" - 7:02 [ play ]
06. "Final Act Of The Night" - 6:09 [ play ]

eLDA discography

“My public approach in music began 3 years ago, when I’d started a funky Hip-Hop-Project with a good friend of mine. It’s ended a year ago, and I’d chosen to ‘retire from the spotlights’ and do only instrumentals.

From this point on, producing electronic music was only one click away to the musical software FL5!
My first songs, I’d produced, were very great ones, but they didn’t belongs to my ‘first love’: no technique, no equal measures, only a lot of ferventness.
I’d slowly found out, what I was missing in my sounds.

My passion to electronic music is placed one year ago, when I’d discover Ableton Live 7 (and we’re live happily ever after^^). Involved in many sleepless nights and a lot of exercises later, my first release comes around: ‘unlimited’.
This will be the one I’m wanted to let you construe, criticize and appreciate.”

"Relatia mea oficiala cu muzica a inceput acum 3 ani, cand am pus bazele unui proiect funky hip hop impreuna cu un bun prieten. A durat 1 an, iar apoi am ales sa “ma retrag din lumina reflectoarelor” si sa fac doar instrumentalele. De aici si pana a produce muzica electronica a fost doar un click pe FL5...

Prima mea piesa a fost una foarte prosta, dar ramane “prima iubire”: fara tehnica, fara masuri egale dar cu multa pasiune. Incet am gasit cele ce lipseau inainte, iar “casatoria” mea cu muzica electronica a avut loc acum un an cand am descoperit Ableton Live 7 (si continuam sa traim fericiti). Dupa multe nopti nedormite si mult exercitiu s-a nascut primul meu copil, “unlimited”.  Fiind primul meu material pentru public, va las pe voi sa interpretati, criticati sau apreciati..."



2009 eL.D.A. - mind interiors, patpong records (Romania)
2009 eL.D.A. - unlimited, patpong records (Romania)