GABBO & Sun Sattva
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GABBO & Sun Sattva 'Believe In Music'
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patpong records • download • PPR025DL • 2010-02-05


The Romanian Duo GABBO & Sun Sattva, only put together for this release, delight us on the EP “Believe In Music” with a very intense form of progressive house music.
In special the track “Someone Like You” with its concise harmonies will stay in your ears for a very long time.
Vigorous beats, an intense vibrancy and a tricky production feature this release in a very particular way.

In the meantime, Alin Tiganus aka Sun Sattva works in a studio in Bucharest where he s peaking his production skills, while Florin Gabor aka GABBO creates new grooves in his hometown Brasov.

I’m sure, we’ll getting much more sounds from this talented guys in the future, too.


01. "Feelings" - 5:07 [ full 64k ]
02. "Someone Like You (org.mix)" - 5:41 [ full 64k ]
03. "Believe In Music" - 5:12 [ play ]
04. "Someone Like You (Sun Sattva RMX)" - 3:53 [ play ]
05. "Someone Like You (Raul Magerusan RMX" - 5:50 [ play ]

Biographies Discography

Seeing the light for the first time on a sunny day of March in 1983, in one of the most beautiful cities in the region of Transylvania, Brasov, in GABBO was born a music lover. The attraction for electronic sounds comes around 1995, when he’d discovered the very popular German TV channel VIVA.

.In 2000 he purchased his first hardware and get in touch with music-software (Dance eJay) the first time. He was very amazed about the handling and the features of this program.

He spent a lot of time by playing the eJay, finally he got bored with it and began searching for alternatives. In 2003 new hardware, new programs and at least the first real songs come along.

One year later, a friend of him, who loved the new GABBO sound, helped him to get those tracks played on a local TV station. Since then, he got a lot of appreciation for the work he did and people encouraged him to go on creating music.

He continuously upgrade his hardware environment and his musical horizon. His music starts to sound better while he recently started to think about things in a more logical way. He taking a bite out of the Apple (you know what that means, don't you?), and, at the same time started studying at the popular school of arts learning keyboards.

Yeah, he is seeking to achieve perfection... or something close to it… whatever that means...

Sun Sattva

In the fall of 1988 Alin Cristian Tiganus was born in the metropolis of Romania, Bucharest.

From the cradle he was surrounded by love and music.

He detected his artistic abilities at a very fragile age, when he started drawing and painting like most children in this age does. During his childhood he continued developing his artistic flare and he managed to convert his passion for graphics into a passion for sounds or, to be more precise, to expand his artistic universe.

At the age of 13 he had his first experience of playing with sounds. With the complicity of his family and friends, he continued playing hours after hours during the years, perfection his sounds and soon after, started gaining his worthy rewards.

At the age of 16, he’d also 2 songs on a radio playlist, a remix made for a well known Romanian artist playing in the clubs and a few collaborations with young artists.

Currently he try to surpass himself, by the knowing, that real competition works only with your own limits.

Sun Sattva


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