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goothr3n 'New World'
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patpong records • download • PPR031DL • 2009-01-29



Krisztián Levente aka goothr3n is, part of a new generation of Romanian Dance-Music Makers.

On his first release “New World” he’s presenting deep Trance-/ Techhouse tunes with elements

of minimal and house music. His distinctive sense for clearly beats and sounds are creeping like

a red thread through his tunes.

The title track “New World” with his bubbling sequencer theme and artificial noises could also be

played on every Goa-Party.

At his young age of 18 years, he got an idea of creating beats under the impression of several

influences, but also with a very personal touch.

We’ll surely meet him in the future on the dancefloor and on the radio, especially the Romanian ones.


01. "New World (Original Mix)" - 12:06 [ play]
02. "Exploring A New Planet (Original Mix)" - 9:20 [ play ]
03. "Researching Technologies (Original Mix)" - 8:03 [ play ]

biography: goothr3n

Krisztián Levente aka goothr3n was born in 1991 in Oradea (Romania). He's started composing beats in 2005 and released his first mix project, called Live Mix @ Home.
After two years, in 2007, goothr3n recorded his first tracks and collected these tracks into an album, “World of Digital Sound”. This compilation contains 12 tracks with various genres (e.g. hip-hop and trance). In October 2007 goothr3n mixes at a local club for 5 months
In December 2007 he met ReDub, who put him on many advices. In April 2008, goothr3n got his own radio show (continued with the “Live Mix @ Home” project) at a local radio station (Partium Radio). In this year he's changing his style from trance to minimal and progressive techno. He continues the radio project with a new session named New Beats.
2009, goothr3n had finished his first EP and working on further projects

“I'm influenced by many music producers and Djs...For example ATB, ReDub, deadmau5, Trentemoller, Timofey, Daft Punk and many more.
When I create music, I think that I can create everything I want, because it's a kind of freedom to build something new. The music is the world's easiest language, it doesn't matter what genre you like, you can express every feeling. It's like drawing or other kinds of Art. Sometimes I'm inspired from nature, from siences, too.
I remember my first track... I was very happy, I understood that music is more than a lot of VSTs and samples. It's a part of my life...”

Krisztián Levente aka goothr3n