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Marc Atmost 'Never Now'
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Marc Atmost (or Atmeo) is an alias of Mar’yan Kitsenko and he’s been engaged with making electronic music since the late 90’s.

He spent his youth in a small provincial town at the Dnieper River/ Ukraine. This city got large and impressive industrial objects, especially on the riverside.

As he grew up in this environment, he’s keep an eye on the breakdown of a once great country, and started to observe people becoming dry spiritually.

“I’d noticed some specific music got my attraction. It was Trance/ Techno and Rave sound as I’ve discovered later. Within almost a decade I’ve compose my own music.

The greatest motivation for creating my own sounds, was the lack of music that pleased me, and the main purpose, was to determine searches for the saddest sounding.

Despite the fact of my persistence, I found it too exhaustive to ad it here.

I’ve started simultaneously something oppositional to my main agenda.

At this point, I’d skidded to almost every genre, from acid Trance to Hardcore, did Drum ‘n’ Bass together with one of my friends (Active Search Modulation Team), organized parties in concluding thoughtful areas and so on.

In the meantime, I’ve moved back to Kiev with the intention, to express my experiences of the last years, in music.

The release ‘Never Now’ reflected pieces of these experiences… music.

Marc Atmost is co-founder of Energostatic Records.


01. "Colony Forming Unit" - 11:40 [ play ]
02. "Geostational Unit" - 8:25 [ play ]
03. "Special Exploration Forces" - 9:25 [ play ]
04. "Expedition To Sacred Planets And Fading Back To Earth" - 7:45 [ play ]
05. "Distant Galaxy" - 6:09 [ play ]


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