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biography: Mikromatika discography

Mikromatika is a techno and house sound project from Ukraine, founded in 2005 by two Dj's and friends: Jackob (Yakov Gaponyuk) and Fijo (Sergei Zavgorodniy).

As minimal-techno trend grew up in his popularity, the two friends decided to bring the best of this style to their own city and to its genuine clubbers. First step was a series of successful eccentrical parties launched by the project, where talented well-known and young Djs from all over the Ukraine had performed.

Mikromatika position itself, having a distinctive taste of music. Their sophisticated sets are considered to be a fresh wave in the Ukrainian nightclub scene. Being a local guide to cutting edge underground music, Mikromatika attracts the original freak experts of acid, deep, techno and minimal sounds.

In 2006 Scaffer, a young and talented Dj, joined Mikromatika.

2007 was a turning-point for the project. Influenced by energetic techno beats, sophisticated minimal clicks and sentimental house vibes, Jackob and Fijo started working on their individual sound, covering a full spectrum of all house and techno music colors.

Energy and dynamic, fat deep sounds and a bit of melancholic melodic tunes are always the main ingredients in Mikromatika's „kitchen“. Combining different sound devices and music software, Mikromatika intends to provide the world with high-quality house and techno tunes „Made in Ukraine“.


Mikromatika - "Diagnose EP" - (Konnekt Records)
Mikromatika - "Underland EP" - (Konnekt Records)

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Mikromatika - 'The Way Is Music'
available on all download stores of your choice, like beatport, iTunes and more

patpong records • download • PPR027DL • 2009-07-17


Without any doubts, Mikromatika represents one of the most interesting acts in house/ club sounds of our time.

Just from the first beat on, you're will be fascinated of their intense, breathtaking productions. Sounds, not only for clubbing, but for listeners, too.

By hearing this tunes, you're almost got the feeling to discover new noises, new bleeps and blurbs in their complex arrangements.
Don't miss to enjoy this fantastic release! Once you get it, play it at maximum volume!

01. "Music Phenomena (org. Mix)" - 8:07 [ full64k ]
02. "Kung-Ku (org. Mix)" - 5:30 [ play ]
03. "The Way Home (org. Mix)" - 9:23 [ play ]