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Mihai aka MP NeMMo discover early in his life his dedication to music. So he decided to study music and violin at the ‘Dinu Lipatti Music Highschool’ and ‘George Enescu Music Highschool’. After finishing the 12 grades, he’s goes deeper in music feelings and music art performances. After 5 years of music studies, he’d earned 2 degrees: the license & master degree at the ‘University of Music – Bucharest’ as a violin-player.

In the meantime, he liked composing pieces for instrumental classic quartett & orchestra. To discover more popular music, he’s also creating electronic music on computers with musical software.
He collaborates with different artists and Djs like Hesit8, Alex Toma (mastering), DJ Cata, Hy2RoGeN, MHT, DJ Stephano, Niro Lassano, Gryngule, Delyno, DJ Nick & MC Giany, Diana Spanu, Morris, Veek D (Romanian DJs/ Producers/ MC’s) and Hakan Ludvigson (Sweden).

MP NeMMo is a short form: MP stands for music producer, NeMMo means Never ending Melodies & Music overwhelms.

Brevis Quartett

HESIT8 – Fusions (NeMMo RMX) @ patpong records
RUBIKON – Telephone (NeMMo RMX) @ Substream Records

MP NeMMo - 'Pure and Simple'
available on all download stores of your choice, like beatport, iTunes and more

patpong records • download • PPR029DL • 2009-09-25


“The EP ‘Pure and Simple’ features Minimal / Tech-House with progressive influences. In this EP I should expect a music of rare concentration on fantasy aspects, a way of distressing the people around me, a journey to a calm, unstained world, marked by a killing saturation of facts, believes, busy people, a throng of busy people doing this and that… NO! I simply want to clean this stress and recharge our batteries so we can face the problems much easier. I may add this message is also true in Bob Sinclair’s 'Children of the sky' surely referring to the little ones. But what if we consider ourselves grown up children… we deserve to live this life at all costs trying to take advantage of beautiful things as they feed up our consciousness and make us stronger ! This is what 'Equality' means so we must live an 'Afectus Aeternus' which means joy of life and eternal feelings."

Mihai aka MP NeMMo

united music

01. "Mystic Vibes (org. Mix)" - 5:02 [full64k]
02. "Afectus Aeternus (org. Mix)" - 4:55
03. "In My Mind (org. Mix)" - 4:33
04. "Bliss (org. Mix)" - 5:39
05. "Bliss (Hesit8 RMX)" - 6:34