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qbik - 'robots cry too'
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patpong records • download • PPR032DL • 2010-02-26


Today's world science finds itself in a very advanced state. There are more and more robotized machines to
execute numerous operations, in every domain. Operations which started twenty years ago were still being executed by people.The question that arises, where is all this going to lead?

The operation is called "the petrifying of the heart by the system". That's what the system does.
Regardless of the field, it makes you dedicate yourself to the extend where you come to entirely depend on it.
Thus you come to forget about yourself, about your family, friends, your home… you come to a point where you simply forget about the person standing next to you. You forget you are completely hardened inside, turned to stone.
Your heart is pumping lubricated thoughts now. You’re worn off joints need syntheticlubricants. Slowly but sure the system turns us in to robots. That's where the story of the "metals cry" comes from.

The system changed us, we are androids now.

Where does help do come from, oh soul?

Psa 121:1 A Song of degrees. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
Psa 121:2 My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.


A typical ‘qbik’ production: disturbing, not from this world and absolutely electrical.
The Romanian artist ‘qbik’ presents on his 5th album one more time a part of his electric universe.
With his extravagantly sound and his spirit, he will at last create a new genre of music. You got the impression, that these tracks are not composed by a man, but more likely by an android or a robot.
The source of inspiration of his unusually compositions are, on his own words, his deep-rooted believing in God, conciliates very special emotions in his universe of music.
That sounds abstract like his music rather you got the impression to listen to a Perry Rhodan roman set to music.
‘qbik’ lives in a small village near Resita in the west of Romania, far away of any metropolis with its performances, concerts and clubs. At this point of view it’s astonishing or better: evident why his tracks sounded so extraordinary.
On the one side peaceful and melancholic, but on the other side extraterrestrial and bleak.
All in all this is a very exciting production from a very special artist.


Ein typisches „qbik“ Album: verstörend, nicht von dieser Welt und absolut elektrisch.
Der rumänische Künstler ‚qbik’ stellt auf seinem nunmehr fünften Album einen weiteren Teil seines elektronischen Universums vor.

Mit seinem extravaganten Sound und seiner spirituellen Ader, wird er noch ein völlig neues Genre erschaffen. Man hat den Eindruck, dass diese Tracks tatsächlich nicht von einem Mensch erschaffen wurden, sondern eher von einem Androiden oder Roboter.
Die Inspirationsquelle seiner ungewöhnlichen Kompositionen ist, laut seiner eigenen Aussage, sein tief verwurzelter Glaube an Gott.
Das klingt so abstrakt wie seine Musik an sich. Eigentlich hat man eher den Eindruck eine Vertonte Episode eines Perry Rhodan Romans zu hören.

„qbik“ lebt in einer Kleinstadt in der Nähe von Resita im Westen Rumäniens, also fernab von großen Metropolen mit ihren Performances, Konzerten und Clubs. Insofern ist es schon sehr verwunderlich oder geradewegs einleuchtend, dass seine Sounds so ungewöhnlich klingen.

Auf der einen Seite friedvoll und melancholisch, auf der anderen Seite extraterrestrisch und kühl.

Eine sehr aufregende Produktion von einem sehr außergewöhnlichen Künstler.


1. “sweet machine” – (5:34) [ play ]
2. “nano 0n3” – (5:33) [ play ]
3. “3W7meu” – (4:55) [ play ]
4. “rmx metals cry” – (2:52) [ play ]
5. “full battery” – (3:57) [ play ]
6. “hibrid” – (4:34) [ play ]
7. “mecanik heart” – (5:28) [ play ]
8.  “metals cry” – (4:40) [ play ]


2010 qbik - robots cry too, patpong records (Romania)
2009 qbik - sheba, patpong records (Romania)
2009 Malina & Besprinkle, patpong records (Romania)
2007 Death Glowing Symphony, Internet Archive (USA)
2006 Iluzii si vise, arhiva7 (Romania)



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qbik - 'Sheba'
available on all download stores of your choice, like beatport, iTunes and more
wn ],patpong records • download • PPR022DL2009-06-22


'Standing and walking on the rooftop of my mind, I discovered how much "SHEBA" can change yourself (the beauty and magic of illusions and dreams of every man).

Since this moment you desire for SHEBA, for this beautiful, brilliant person who could be your soul mate, your happiness, your satisfaction and sometimes even fulfillment.

SHEBA is the 119 second "movie". 

Contrary to the "beauty and magic" named SHEBA is URIAH, the one who has to carry a heavy load, the one who is always pushed to fight for the others, who is always tempted and the one who ever will be suffer. Yet his loyality to "kindred spirits" is to envy. Such a moral courage is just to be found in fairytales.

Nevertheless URIAH is the ideal man, he's the very selfhonest man, the soldier dedicated to others, to fight for his people.

My thoughts related to the Bathsheba narrative from 2 Samuel 11:2 - 11:18.
This story turns my attention to the tragically conclusion that the beauty and magic is very evanescent. Just the short "119 seconds".

2 Samuel 11:3 - David sent someone to find out who she was, and he was told, "She is Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam and the wife of Uriah the Hittite."  

"sheba is like the clouds and the wind without rain" is about the beauty and magic in dreams and their perishability.'


David sends his army to besiege Rabbah. From his rooftop, he spots a pretty woman and later finds out that she is Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, Joab's armour bearer. David has relations with her, and she becomes pregnant, so he orders Uriah to be placed in the heaviest part of the fighting and for the army to draw back from him. Uriah is consequently killed by an archer, and David marries Bathsheba. Nathan tells David a parable, asking him for an analysis. When Nathan reveals that the parable describes his actions over Uriah, David realises that by his analysis he has condemned himself. Nathan tells him that the house of David will be cursed with always falling victim to the sword. More directly, Bathsheba's child dies as punishment. David has relations with her again, and she has a son that she names Solomon, but Nathan names him Jedediah. Joab finally captures Rabbah, and the bejewelled crown of Milcom is taken and given to David for his own head.

01. "sabotaj" - 1:54 [ play ]
02. "down pog" - 3:32 [ full 64k ]
03. "spin jazz" - 4:45 [ play ]
04. "spring love" - 4:22 [ play ]

05. "unamir" - 3:58 [ play ]
06. "urie" - 5:45 [ play ]
07. "sheba my dreams" - 1:59 [ full 64k ]
08. "magik canit" - 6:59 [ play ]

09. "empty box" - 2:51 [ full 64k ]

qbik - 'Malina & Besprinkle'
available on all download stores of your choice, like beatport, iTunes and more
patpong records • download • PPR015DL • 2009-01-09


The conception of this release based on a self-composed fairytale with the main character 'Malina'. On every story, qbik's telling, stands almost a special feeling and he translates this feelings in his very unique style of electronic sounds.

Romanian Electronica!
01. "vifor74" - 3:50 [ play ]
02. "sirius trip" - 2:54 [ play ]
03. "dulse trip & aneladgam" - 5:35 [ play ]
04. "dohlso baby" - 4:19 [ play ]


The musician 'qbik', one of the new talented generation in electronic music from Romania, who's influenced by his deep-rooted believing in God, conciliates very special emotions in his universe of music.Some of his friends are claiming, that they feel his music deeply; materialise by dancing.

’qbik’ lives in a small town called Resita in the heart of metal-manufacturing region in West-Romania.

’qbik’ was infected to create electronic music in 1999 by a companion who's bought his first computer. On a limited budget, he got his first PC, a 486DX2, and started to construct sequencer-loops by the very first time. After a year of composing and an overheated mainboard, he's upgraded his workstation and started creating 'electronica'. After several years and immolated computers, ‘qbik’ released in 2006 his first production: "Iluzii Si Vise" (“Illusions & Dreams”) followed by "Death Glowing Symphony", in 2007.
'patpong records' published the third album of ‘qbik’, called "Malina & Besprinkle" at the end of December 2008.

qbik: archive
qbik: buna
Michaela Treffil: buna
Michaela Treffil: ai timp sa povestesti putin?
qbik: da
qbik: doar sa ma intrebi
Michaela Treffil: cred ca incepem biografia cu datele tele, nume, etc., ok?
qbik: da
Michaela Treffil: unde te ai nascut?
qbik: Dobre Petru Octavian
qbik: Resita
qbik: 1978 22 06
Michaela Treffil: cum ai ajuns la muzica?
qbik: pai prin 1999 un prieten isi cumparase comp
qbik: eu eram distrus dupa muzik si chesti ce tin de muzik
qbik: am vazut ceva programe la el, si hop asa a venit ideea de comp adik vreau si eu comp
Michaela Treffil: ce comp si ce program?
qbik: in 2000 am reusit sa fac un comp nu bunicel
qbik: un 486 dx2
qbik: cu procesor de 80mhz
Michaela Treffil: hihi
qbik: si programu era ceva de aranjat secventele muzicale
Michaela Treffil: nume?
qbik: am inceput sa construiesc secvente
qbik: in FL construiam secventele
qbik: a tercut anu am ars compu si am trecut la un p1
qbik: treaba a inceput sa devina serioasa
qbik: si incepusem sa descopar IDM-ul
qbik: am inceput sa scotocesc pe net
qbik: am intalnit oameni(online) de la care puteam sa invat ceva soft de productie si ceva chesti legate de masterizare
qbik: si asa incet incet am inceput
qbik: am tot schimbat pc-uri
qbik: si performantele au tot crescut(zik eu)
qbik: in final am optat sa raman in linile de idm,experiental
qbik: cu ceva ani in urma incercasem si alte genuri
Michaela Treffil: tu masteriez singur?
qbik: acum da
Michaela Treffil: super!
qbik: imi da un sentiment mega ok e chill idm-ul ma linisteste ma regasec in ceace fac
qbik: eu am zis si zik am trecut de faza muzici sunt deja la stari muzicale
qbik: chesti de suflet
Michaela Treffil: si experimental, lafel?
qbik: experinetal ce am facut experimental
qbik: au povesti amuzante
qbik: si imi plac
qbik: de ex.am o piesa in care vb cu cun baiatel cu ceva pb(e putin retardat)
qbik: si discutia cu el am granulizato putin
qbik: si am atasat o clapa un pad asa mai ambiental
qbik: si tzop
qbik: piesa
qbik: experimentalele mele in general au povesti dragute, funny
Michaela Treffil: trimite, suna interesant
qbik: pai piesa se gaseste pe arhiva 7 e "maroon" arhiva7
qbik: pe "iluzii&vise" fiecare piesa are povestea ei
Michaela Treffil: acuma inteleg
Michaela Treffil: cine si ce te a influentat la muzica?
qbik: imi place cum suna yvat si electronvc
qbik: nu pot spune k sunt influentat de muzica lor
qbik: dar sunt miscat profund
Michaela Treffil: si alte chesti care te au trimis pe drum?
qbik: artisti?
qbik: in general imi fac synturi si de acolo pleaca tot
qbik: de acolo vine ideia generala
Michaela Treffil: de exempl, da si alte situati, experiente, etc.?
qbik: hmm
qbik: pai in general simt,pun in pattern,si asa ia nastere
qbik: in general vine ideia o data cu problema fie ia de orice natura
qbik: sunt miscat de anumite stari
qbik: si atunci
Michaela Treffil: ai un exemplu?
qbik: asa ia nastere fiecare poveste
qbik: pff
qbik: pai de ex
qbik: la iluzii si vise mi-am luat "papuci"de la prietena
qbik: si am fost ff afectat