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Randomform - 'carv.ec.ep'

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patpong records • download • PPR013DL • 2008-12-19


The tracks are focused on structure and cold mechanical rhythms. There are like the moving pieces of a large structure that slowly is changing form becoming more and more complex tied between them with an intense atmosphere.

note: The Artist 'Randomform' has created 2 artworks for every track.


01. "qast.rp" - 3:26 [ play ]
02. "carv.ec" - 4:50 [ play ]

03. "algn.aln" - 7:12 [ play ]
04. "cranen" - 4:41 [ play ]

biography: Randomform discography

"My name is Sorin Paun. I am a visual artist (graphic and painting); I had a few national and international group and personal exhibitions.

In 2005, I started experimenting with electronic and natural (raw and processed) sounds as 'soundtracks' for my paintings and drawings, mostly ambient and noises from different sound sources. Then I started to make dj mixes; from here was just a step in creating my own atmospheres, beats and melodies.

In 2007, I had my first personal exhibition at Atelier35 Gallery in Bucharest called 'THE MOON'. For the exhibition, I created 60 minutes of ambient music. I made with this ambient music a limited 10 handmade cds: two of them are in the collection of Ersta Konsthall National Museum Sound Archive, Sweden. The musical project 'THE MOON' was later transformed into 'Sunmoon' - a project dedicated to the sonic exploration of deep space, an alias under I create Dark Ambient/ Drone soundscapes.

In 2007, the project 'minim.all' was born. This project focuses generally on collaboration between me and other artists. The first one was a collaboration with Roshanak Ostad, an Iranian artist living in Paris. Inspired by the illustration to her own poetry, I made the album 'Les.Mots.Inconnu' (Unknown.Words) which was released on arhiva7 netlabel. The sound of 'minim.all' is a mixture of Glitch/ IDM/ Downtempo/ Ambient with acoustic elements and field recordings.

I also contributed to the 'Endless Endless (v4)' project on Audiobulb Records (UK) with a track called 'Air.Structure'.

Randomform - is a changing, shifting, multiple facet alias through which I explore experimental rhythms and atmospheres. This project incorporates influences from IDM/ Abstract/Industrial/ Trip-Hop and Ambient music.

After a couple of unreleased demos, the first Randomform minialbum 'Frozen Angel' was released in January 2008 at L'aigle Mecanique netlabel from France. The tracks follow a narrative structure that evolves slowly trough the warm atmospheres colliding with deep bass and distorted snares."

Randomform - Frozen Angel
minim.all - Les, Mots, Inconnu
Sunmoon - Solarstorm

2009 Randomform - redapt ep, crazy language netlabel

2009 minim.all - night, end daze recordings

2009 Sunmoon - nightsky, essentia mundi

2009 Sunmoon - core, drô6n records

2009 Sunmoon - mass, drô6n records

2009 Sunmoon - protostar, timetheory netlabel

2008 Randomform - carv.ec.ep, patpong records (Romania)

2008 Sunmoon - Solarstorm, audiotalaia (Spain)

2008 Randomform - Frozen Angel, L’aigle Mechanique (France)

2007 THE MOON, sound art, 10 limited cds, handmade, 2 copies in the Ersta Konsthall National Museum Sound Archive, (Sweden)

2007 minim.all - Air.Structure, Endless Endless (v4) project - Audiobulb Records (UK)

2007 minim.all - Les.Mots.Inconnu, music inspired by Roshanak Ostad illustrations to her poetry