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The Element 'Digital Revolution'

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patpong records • download • PPR035DL • 2010-05-28


The producer and DJ Zahir Khan aka ‚The Element’, based in Bradford/ UK, is dedicating himself to Electro, respectively Electro House sound. The release ‘Digital Revolution’, first of a whole sequence, is punctuating this fact very explicit.

Driving grooves and typical harmonies are defining the 6 tracks on ‘Digital Revolution’. And these tracks are contrasting pleasantly with the crowd.

The opener ‘Rock It Don’t Stop’ shows clearly the way to go: ‘The Element’ lives his profession called Electro.

All tunes on this release spreads a positive charm and blows the winter blues away.

And ‘The Element’ got the talent to keep this charm on the whole production alive.

In particular the track ‘Next Chapter’, based on a lightly melancholic melody loop, brings up a special note in this disposition: A mood of felicitousness.

At the moment Zahir Khan works on further productions who will be release in this spring resp. summer.

01. "Rock It Don't Stop" - 4:53 [ play]
02. "Bread Line" - 6:38 [ play ]
03. "Next Chapter" - 9:24 [ play ]
04. "Feel Right" - 11:17 [ play ]
05. "Plucked" - 9:05 [ play ]
06. "Inner Space" - 7:33 [ play ]

biography: The Element
Zahir Khan aka 'The Element' aka 'DJ ZY' is a UK born producer and DJ.

He first came in contact with house music at the age of 18 when he first experienced a night out at a warehouse rave in WestYorkshire (1990).

He became hooked with the hypnotizing acid music and the love affaire started.

Shortly after he became obsessed with mixing vinyl and proceeded to become an accomplishing house DJ,
'The Element' worked at several venues and radio stations across WestYorkshire/ UK .

Several years later he step deep in the art of electronic music production, use samplers and synthesizers and become familiar with software like CuBase.

At the University in Huddersfield WestYorkshire/ UK 'The Element' finished his studies of music technolgy and sound engineering with distinction.

Now 'The Element' is in full on production mode, moving away from hardware based productions to favour the digital revolution, using VST instruments and effects.

He always loved the electronic music scene and is still concentrated on producing killer electro and electro-house tracks to rock every dance floor.