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Amazing and absolutely out of the ordinary! Great release!

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good x-perimental stuff

interesting and unconventional. farewell for me

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Farewell for me

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Cool weird stuff !

i really like Seductress ... it's very insane :)

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will take me some time to listen to it completely but it sounds very unique and interesting... thx...

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totally strange concept, but I like the music pretty much!

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Is like a wonderful collision of a dream on the eve of something big.

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TYLS 'Pest-O-Flash'

available on all download stores of your choice, like beatport, iTunes and more

patpong records • download • PPR042DL • 2011-08-30


' Pest-O-Flash' is a registered trade name of the product manufactured by Pest Control (India) Pvt Ltd, Jagdamba House, P.B. 9060, Goregaon (East) Mumbai 400063, India. The trade name and product photographs are properties of the company and should not be used or reproduced in any manner without due written permission from Pest Control (India) Pvt Ltd.

“There it is. I saw it the last night too, but I resisted, ‘cause I was attracted by other beautiful chances to be gratify. But tonight... I don’t care about anything, I see the light, I feel the light, its so beautiful, so irresistible....I have to touch it!”

(Unwisely and visionary thoughts by an unknown, insubstantial mosquito)

TYLS is a sideproject of ‘wetpussyallstars’, created by the artist Christian Sumser. TYLS is the short form for

Thank You, Lousy Seductress’.

The concept album [Pest-O-Flash] tells the story of a mosquito, who gets attracted by this perfidious technical and sneaky killing machine. It works with ultra violet light which lure in the first line mosquito and other flying insects to kill them by high currents.

The tracks on this release are trying to tell the story about one of the victims. What you’re hear on this album, is a try to put the first touch on this ‘machine’ to the end, in a musical form. It’s like the soundtrack of a mosquito, which is seduce by the ultra violet light of Pest-O-Flash and killed by its seduction.

The starting track [Seductress] reflected the attraction of this killing technology. For a flying insect it’s nearly impossible to escape the appeal of the light.

[Anopheles] try to characterize a mosquito; accentuation based on ‘try’.

[Contact], the name says it all. Well slipping over the PSR (alienated): Trapped!

Now there’s starting a new level. Total extinction, smoulder and go out. This condition must be like a [Purgatory], intense, but shorter.

So, what’s next? What is next? There’s nothing left, NOTHING: [The Moment Everything Became Nothing].

[Farewell] is a kind of requiem. At least play a melody, a memory to those who are followed the light.

Thank You, Lousy Seductress.

On this release, the artist Christian Sumser leave the path of traditional electronica. It sounds more like ‘electronica noise’ or ‘electronica meets experimental industrial’.

But let’s take it as is: An electrician ride on sound.

The main idea was to create the whole sounds on this album without any digital overdubs. In the end there are a few digital created sounds: The bass sequence and the drums on ‘Purgatory’, and the pumping heart on ‘The Moment Everything Became Nothing’.

All other sounds are recorded by using instruments (Mey, Accordeon, E-Bass & Guitar, percussions), voices (like the main theme of ‘Anopheles’, it depends only on voices), field recordings, an old school turntable with 78rpm, and mutilation afterwards by using electronics.

For a couple of times, Christian Sumser discovered the machine called 'Pest-O-Flash on a small island in the Indian Ocean.

The cover of this release is the original photo of the machine he had once shot on this island.

This picture was the initial start of the project [Pest-o-Flash]: Put the function of this machine into sounds:

Sounds of extinction by hitting ‘The Light’.


1. ‘Seductress’ - (8:41)_[ play ]
2. ‘Anopheles’ - (3:53) [
play ]
3. ‘Contact’ - (4:03) [
play ]
4. ‘Purgatory’ - (4:07) _[
play ]
5. ‘The Moment Everything Became Nothing’ - (8:19)_[
play ]
6. ‘Farewell’ - (5:34) _[
play ]