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biography: Vasile Alboiu aka Black Moon work
Vasile Alboiu (Black Moon) is a Romanian young movie director who works most in the stop motion animation area. His artistic work covers some queer corners from political puppet shows, publicity, music videos to animation and graphic design.

Four years ago Vasile Alboiu produced a Romanian TV show called "Votati cu noi".
It is a political comedy where some important Romanian politicians (puppets made by foam) are smashed, kicked, stroked and...finally laugh at.

Other projects include advertising videos, short movies and graphics for some TV shows.
This year Vasile Alboiu has started the collaboration with 'yvat' - a Romanian musician and professional sound designer. Combining the experimental music with stop motion animation was a challenge but in the same time an interesting work.

• romanian TV political show - "Votati cu noi" (“vote with us”)/ producer

2002 - 2006
advertising videos
"Saptamana Financiara“ (“financial week”)
"Dorna" (“mineral water”)
"Stalinskaya" (“Vodka”)/ producer & co-director

short movies
"Un pod plin cu jucarii stricate" (an attic full with broken toys) - selected in "Anonimul" film festival/ producer
"Secretul Fericirii" (“secret of felicitousness”) - a romanian soap-parody/ director

Hiran - video for yvat “phonema”/ La Strada Music, RO
Oar - video for yvat/ Minor Label, D
The Path - short movie - selected in "Simultan - Film & Music Festival”, RO
Symbiotic Disorder - experimental music & video show with yvat/ Simultan Fesival, RO
Subliminal Crush - DVD – videos Black Moon & music by yvat/ patpong records, RO
Les amees synthetiques - Synthetic souls - visuals for yvat’s show in Paris (Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles)/ La Strada Music, Ro/ patpong records, RO

Art Director at Ogilvy RO

yvat / Black Moon (Vasile Alboiu) - 'Subliminal Crush' [ shop ]
patpong records •
DVD • PPR001DVD • 2007-10-01
Subliminal Crush is a project that combines the stop motion animation made by 'Vasile Alboiu' and music by Romanian sound artist 'yvat'. The project consists 5 video clips of stop motion animation made using clay, plastic, foam and other less ordinary stuff combined with electronic music. Each video has a different approach, both with regard to the music and the video part, but nevertheless the common feature unifying these is the fact that the music makes use of analog devices exclusively, rejecting any computer processing or sound, while the video is appealing at traditional ways in making video—as graphics and stop motion techniques—thus, both parts are much compliant with traditional ways of art, still embracing a genuine, newly and modern concept. This mix between music and animation creates an exclusive artistic event and use of classic methods gives the distinctive touch of this particular project.
Subliminal Crush is a narrative metaphoric structure presented like a succession of five chapters. Each chapter is a symbolic story about life, people, changing the rules, history and politics. The material examines in fascinating scenes mentalities and precognitions, occidental rationalism, resulting a succession of stories passing from dark and visceral tones to angelic and transcendental images. Each of them has a powerful visual impact appealing by the techniques used—which are more closed by the films we’ve seen in our childhood—to our inner, native and un-perverted thinking. It is, after all, a Jungian journey in your imaginary. The artists are seeming to be preoccupied with the vulnerabilities of human life in modern society: mankind is seen like puppets dominated by inner vermiform creatures, their dreams are governed by wars, surgery is an allegory of manipulative politics and ready made ideas, human life is just a trap in the journey of souls and, in the end, a fake angel is awaked to life—a golem putting in discussion the issue of existence for non-created beans.
As a bonus there is included a recording from a live performance where many of the images used for these videos appeared as a background projection. The concert was performed during the Romanian SIMULTAN festival, which took place in Timisoara, in May 2006. The unique approach of this performance consists in combining analog textures and sounds with melodic lines of marimba phone. The music, composed by 'yvat' was performed in a live show –and we must say, really spectacular—by the artist, helped by Romanian percussionist Adrian Tabacaru. Still, this is not an unique approach for 'yvat’s music, which combines frequently melodic lines created with classic instruments as piano, violin or even classic opera voices and analog sounds and textures specific to electronic music. The desperate need of our society to redefine progress is then compressed in the particular and oxymoronically combination of instruments and techniques: the present is emerging from the past and is strongly influenced by it. In order to illustrate the statement, the video combines digital photo and computer editing with animated finally crafted clay or plastic objects, while the audio composition combines in a live performance the classical sound of marimba-phone with analog electronic devices. The video offer us devastating statement of a kaleidoscopic world. On the strange movement of apparently ordinary objects or hand-made toys, there are surprised modern world concepts, mythological themes, moral and axiological dilemmas and political beliefs. The peculiar link between clay animation and experimental behaves like an apparent disorder; but, in the end, it is combining in a symbiosis.
01. "aural microphonic" - 4:21
02. "oar" - 4:01
03. "fishermen" - 4:22
04. "cain & abel" - 4:31
05. "nand" - 5:19
06. "extra." [symbiotic show - 32:26 / sensoriotonic field - 2:04 / story board - 5:17]