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wetpussyallstars - '6-7 Ausgang'
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patpong records • download • PPR010DL • 2008-09-19


\loops\loops\loops INPO: in no particular order

The EP "6-7 Ausgang" represents as Part IV / IV the last and final release of the 'Absurd Trilogie'.

You're wondering about four parts in a 'Trilogy'? This is quiet simple to explain... the releases 'Intervention', 'Mindsweeper' and 'Secrom Security' are the satellites around the main release, '6-7 Ausgang'.
If you're getting interventions, something 'sweeps' your mind and you're got a feeling of secure, you'll need at least a possibility to escape this 'loop'. This exit is called '6-7 Ausgang'.



Do you've ever realize the sound of a rotating gyroscope on a free swinging aluminum-sheet? You'll hear these soundZ on '6-7 Ausgang'. Do you ever try to put a piece of wood into a fan, the power-switch in the position 'on' and hear how it's sounds? Of course, you do... but do you have ever recorded this sound and put it through extended electronics? Never mind, you're can hear this experience of unusual soundscapes on this release.
....and many more of that kind. Tingles strange? No, it is.... keep your mind open for a uncommenly sound-experience and enjoy!

After the confusing soundZ of the releases I-III of the 'Trilogy', this piece of music will cool you down and unbent your awareness.

01. "SQZ" - 10:34 [ play ]
02. "Sweet Reconstruction" - 10:51 [ full64k ]

03. "3Sec [subtle mix]" - 11:00 [ play ]
04. "Secnats Stavy" - 3:58 [ play ]
05. "3Sec [gyroscope mix]" - 11:55 [ play ]

wetpussyallstars - 'Secrom Security'
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patpong records • download • PPR009DL • 2008-02-29


\loops\loops\loops INPO: in no particular order

The release 'Secrom Security' is the most experimental (relatively...) part of the 'Absurd-Trilogie'. The main track 'Dence' is the extract from a soundstream with a bald-faced length of over 60:00min.
The tracks 'Dence [Dance / Dense]' and 'Dence V8' capture the spirit of this stream and join a special mastering.

If 'weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]' would produce Dance-Music, it would be sound like this...

The sound-sources of 'Cycle' and '208,1', TV & TV-frequencies, mobiles, the enviroment of an apartment and a bicycle ride set to sound, set part in a live-performance; respectively all the soundZ (and more) of this release are part of it..

01. "Dence [Dance / Dense]" - 7:53 [ play ]
02. "208,1" - 7:54 [ play ]

03. "Dence V8" - 11:00 [ play ]
04. "Cycle" - 3:49 [ play ]

wetpussyallstars - 'Mindsweeper'
patpong records • download • PPR004DL • 2007-10-29
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\loops\loops\loops INPO: in no particular order

The EP "Mindsweeper" represented Part II / IV of the 'Absurd Trilogie'.

In the first line, this piece of ambient soundscapes was created by playing a west-african drum, called 'Djembe'. Additional instruments are a really old Korg synthesizer (maybe a MS-10, don't know excatly. Sometime, i've captured the sound on MD while i'm visiting a kindred spirit guy, who are using it as a piece of furniture), and a turntable with 78rpm.
Building \loops, put it through the 'pussy-O-lator' and started it accidentally are mandatory required.

01. "Mindsweeper" - 7:23 [ play ]
02. "Mindsweeper In Dub" - 6:13 [ play ]

03. "Mindsweeper Rev Mix" - 6:44 [ play ]
04. "Mindsweeper 7.0 Remix" - 6:51 [ play ]

wetpussyallstars - 'Intervention'
[available on all download stores of your choice, like beatport, iTunes and more
patpong records • download • PPR003DL • 2007-10-29


\loops\loops\loops INPO: in no particular order

The LP "Intervention" started as Part I / IV the 'Absurd Trilogie'.

It ontains one of the Live-Versions of the track 'In: Ter'. On these website of patpong records, you're join the possibility, to hear 'In: Ter V-VI' (certainly in the resolution of 128kb but about a length of 9:45min). Basically, this track show the way forward of the sound of 'weTpussYalLstarS'.
It was recorded by a couple of time with a german turntable-artists called 'Atzeton'. The performance of this track, In: Ter Part I - VII, got a length of rather 33:00min and reflected in a special way, how it's sounds, if you're only work with loops and extended techniques and electronics.
The idea of the starting-track 'Klong' and the last one 'Gnolk' is, to serve your temper and support your mind.

01. "Klong" - 5:39
02. "In: Ter I - II" - 8:23
03. "In: Ter III - IV" - 8:41

04. "In: Ter V - VI" - 8:21
05. "In: Ter VII" - 7:54
06. "Gnolk" - 4:16

biography: - wetpussyallstars -
After releasing two productions with a Band called “Risk” as a guitarist, touring over Europe, playing in several alternative Bands as a bass player, wasting his time by working in the music-industry, be a managing executive of a committee of musicians, organize concerts, sets music to poems of Wilhelm Busch, Christian Sumser started to work with several artists to developing ideas of audio-visual concepts and at least, free improvised music.
These improvised sounds, are surely created with instruments like drums, horns, stringed instruments etc, but by using extended techniques and electronics.

The conception of the projects  “wetpussyallstars & [TYLS]” takes place in 2002.
The sound based on the ideas of “AMM“ and “Derek Bailey” who developed the concept of free improvised music in the 1960´s.
But with the difference, that these improvised sounds are generated not by using traditional instruments (ok, one exception…. guitar), but by using several sample-loops by an approximately length of 30 to 55min.
These loops (sounds of voices, analogue drum-computers, stones, metal, fingers, buckets, flowerpots, to identify a few of the sources), are mixed incidentally at his live-performances and are manipulated with a couple of electronics.
So, every live performance is unique and not really re-producible.

The releases of the "Absurd Trilogie” (1 EP/ 3 LP) and indeed, the further ones, are capture the spirit of these performances, by using the same possibilities as on a live performance.


Christian Sumser, the artist formely known as 'wetpussyallstars or [TYLS]', is one of the founders of 'patpong records'.

• '6-7 Ausgang', patpong records
• 'Secrom Security', patpong records
• 'Mindsweeper', patpong records
• 'Intervention', patpong records

“Risk” (guitar, bass & other):
'The Reborn' - Steamhammer / SPV
• 'Turpitude' - Steamhammer / SPV

• 'Pest-O-Flash', patpong records