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!K7 Records is renowned as one of the most diverse labels for electronic music worldwide. The story of international success finds its beginnings back in 1985 with the idea of releasing digital video clips. Later on came the specially mixed DJ sets to go with them: the X-Mix series was born.

Ten years later, the DJ-Kicks series came to life. A revolutionary concept was realized, since complete albums with DJ cuts to be played on your home stereo were completely unknown at that time. Thrilled by the idea of bringing the vibrant sound of the dancefloor to the listener's home, music innovators such as Kruder & Dorfmeister, Nightmares On Wax, Thievery Corporation and Stereo MC's dared to explore new frontiers, earning the DJ series worldwide fame.

In 1996, !K7 started launching artist albums. A decade later, !K7 is reaping the rewards of this set-up with artist albums from the likes of Kruder & Dorfmeister, Matthew Herbert, Dani Siciliano, Ursula Rucker, Swayzak, and Boozoo Bajou.

In 2001, another step was taken: Rapster Records, a new label under the !K7 umbrella, started focussing on Urban, Soul and HipHop. Since then, Rapster has been releasing records by some of the HipHop & Soul scene’s most impressive artists. DJ Jazzy Jeff, Pete Rock and Roy Ayers are just some of the names on the labels’ fine roster. Always looking for opportunities to work with partners of excellence and to explore new possibilities and styles, Rapster forged an alliance with UK based soul aficionado Peter Adarkwah whose label BBE has been dealing in diverse, eclectic sounds covering many genres from old scratchy Brazilian grooves through 70's funk via jazz fusion and new HipHop for over a decade. And with special projects such as the Exit Music “Songs with Radio Heads” compilation or the Kings of… series (featuring Masters at Work, RZA, Gilles Peterson and many more), as well as the Beat Generation albums, Rapster’s reputation as one of the hottest hiphop labels to date established itself in no time.

But being represented in rhymes and on turntables was not enough for the ambitious !K7 crew: With its newly founded subsidiary Ever Records in 2006, !K7 has given some of the greatest Indie bands and singer/songwriters such as Cortney Tidwell, Cyann and Ben, and Howie Beck a platform.

Instead of only serving a small fraction of the international music scene, !K7, Rapster and Ever Records see the whole picture - in full stereo - and continually deliver the top-notch releases for which the Berlin-based label hybrid stands.


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bbe recordings

The Barely Breaking Even movement began nearly ten years ago when Peter Adarkwah and his partner Ben were discussing music and discovered a shared interest in diverse, eclectic sounds covering all genres - from old scratchy Brazilian grooves, through 70's funk, via jazz fusion, hip - hop and soul to newer garage, disco and techno music.


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get physical music
The name says it all: Get Physical tracks could hardly be more moving and corporeal. This aspect of physicality also resurfaces on two of the label’s key releases: the in-house DJ mix series ‘Body Language’ and a string of double vinyl compilations called ‘Full Body Workout’, brimming with new beats and sounds by up-and-coming talents.


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Rush Hour Records

Over the past nine years Rush Hour has cultivated itself into an institute for electronic music and a haven for music lovers worldwide. The reputation Rush Hour has built mainly comes from the fact that first and foremost Rush Hour focuses on music they totally believe in and have a love for. The Rush Hour family has a strong sense of pride in always working with and feeding off that impulse and faith, rather than working for the mighty dollar or bottom line. Rush Hour has always been this way. Late 1997 saw the the opening of the recordstore and mailorder, which manifested the very beginning of the company. Initially importing many obscure records from around the world then later exporting similar Dutch records to overseas companies, the distribution wing had evolved by two years later, in 1999. This set up eventually led to the start of the label, which saw its first release just before the millennium. The past five years saw various releases, mostly 12”s, from artists all over the world in all different genres and directions. What they all seem to have in common is an electronic groove that is almost impossible to convey with words but has been, over time, coined ‘The Rush Hour flavour’. The RH flavour has also been used for other labels – most notably the Chicago Boogie mix CD and 12” series on Eskimo. Recently the Rush Hour label as taken a turn towards larger projects with its focus now being primarily towards album releases and especially all things electronic. This has already proved very succesful with the recently released albums by Aardvarck and Carl Craig. However, the label will hang on to its Limited series (LTD), a 12” series that will act as an outlet for acting on impulse and create an environment for growth. Finally, 2007 will also see the birth of Angst Records, a sub label that will concentrate on song orientated music with an edge. This can be a straight up punkrock band or a rock/dance cross-over. You will find out soon enough. Wherever Rush Hour goes you can be sure its not driven by hype and/or money. It’s a company from the heart and soul. A passion that won’t stop.


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District 6

District 6 is a brand new UK record label brought to you by the people behind the ephemeral Ether Music. With a brief of continuing in that same rich vein, producing exciting, funky, cutting edge releases from the genres and sub-genres of jazz and dance, District 6 will bring you beats and grooves to refresh the parts you have long since written off.


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