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Cocktail Disco - compiled by Dimitri From Paris [shop]
bbe Records •
2CD • BBECD081• 2007-04-06
I realised I was going to a second hand record store, with the same mindset as going to a shop specialised in new releases. I was looking for something new, but in a place that carried essentially old things!
By "new" of course I mean fresh and unheard of, and although there are quite a few things on my want list I'd be happy to tick off, I find it more exciting to discover that good song that is not on there.

There is some kind of evolution in music collecting, the more you complete one genre, the more you move to a sub genre, a sub, sub genre, eventually branching out to different musical paths, to avoid being stuck in dead ends.

It turns out records I would overlook a few years back, are the ones I feverishly hunt now !
One of many such sub genres I grew up to love over the years, is a type of Disco that I could best describe as Cocktail Disco.
I believe this style was called Sleaze back in its days, from roughly 1976 to 1979. There were even DJs specialized in the Sleaze sound which was usually played after hours, in spots with a strong sex oriented drive.
Cocktail Disco has that ubiquitous 4/4 beat and flying open high hat, complemented by rich orchestrations, campy over the top vocals, and an often tropical latin vibe. Something that wouldn't feel out of place in a broadway musical.

Typical examples can be found in the various works of New York producer August Darnell AKA Kid Creole (and the coconuts).
Major acts like Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra, Vince Montana's early Salsoul projects, Manhattan Transfer all had a strong hand in championing that sound to the larger media.
Major acts inevitably spawned smaller ones trying to follow with a similar sound, and hence an identifiable genre was born.

The indie label releases usually meant lower producing budgets, which translated in less polished recordings giving the music a rawer, more appealing sound to me.
Mix tricks from other genres were emerging: heavier drums, louder percussion, climaxing breaks... as if compensating for the cheaper orchestral sections.

Two years ago I was invited for a guest slot on my friend's RadioRoro internet show (visit him via my top friends section) and decided to make a Cocktail Disco hour.
One continuous set of this music sounded real sweet, and with a surprising amount of positive feedback combined with the lack of exposure of this genre, I decided to put together a compilation project to further expose it.

"Cocktail Disco" a double CD compilation will be released in June from UK's BBE label, and available worldwide through the usual channels.

The focus is more on the indie and harder to find songs rather than on the major players which have been thouroughly compiled or re-issued.

BBE will be jointly releasing two limited doublepack vinyl sets which will include all of the CDs songs. Three choice cuts will feature in personal DJ friendly edits and one, Richie Family's Frenesi, is exclusively remixed from its original masters, you can sample it on MySpace player.
CD 1
01. Blue Velvets - "Summertime"
02. The Vast Majority - "Ocean's Apart"
03. Ms Victoria Barnes - "Never Too Late"
04. Astrud Gilberto - "The Girl From Ipanema"
05. Rhoda Scott - "C´est Si Bon"
06. Darcus - "It's Got To Be Love"
07. Marti Lynn - "Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)"
08. Paul Mauriat - "The Joy Of You" [play]
09. J Elliott Group - "Disco Village" [play]
10. Charlie's Roots - "Let Me Show You The Way To Go" [play]
11. The Band Who Fell To Earth - "Starflight" [play]

CD 2
01. Cindy Rodriguez - "What You Need Is My Love" [play]
02. Jobell - "Never Gonna Let You Go" [play]
03. Ralfi Pagan - "Take Me With You" [play]
04. Ritchie Family - "Frenesi" [play]
05. Ray Martinez - "Lady Of The Night (Hey Honey Come Gimme Money)" [play]
06. Serenade - "Canteen" [play]
07. Nightfall - "Keep It Up" [play]
08. Private Pink - "Little High Things" [play]
09. Moses - "Something About You" [play]
10. The Night People - "Again" [play]
11. Jonelle Allen - "Baby, I Just Wanna Love You" [play]

Dj Vadim 'The Soundcatcher' [shop]
bbe Records •
CD • BBECD080 • 2007-04-02
All work and no play can be a very dull indeed yet The Sound Catcher isn't just about hard work. Its everything you’ve come to expect from the 4 weetabix a day powerhouse DJ/producer/musical incendiary and so much more: unpredictable with touches of disco and tubby-esque dub moments, varied with brushes of blues, soul and rap , urban grime bedlam with double time bounce and ambitious combining so many influences and yet making it feel like they all fit. Without doubt a major step forward from his last solo LP(the art of listening 2002 ninja tune), new, funkafied bop.

Right from the start formality is thrown out the window along with the textbook instructions on How To Be a Hip-Hop DJ. Its quite clear Vadim is intent on the serious business of having a good time more than sticking to any genre. Preconceptions will not be tolerated and the only option is to surrender to his unique vision of outer space soul music. Refreshingly simple but yet somewhat seasoned and developed, The Sound catcher is about ‘songs' . Less 'produced' or 'complex and abstract' than some earlier outings, songs flow throughout that would make many a major label A&R exec proud but yet retain an indie rawness and a nod to Vadim's past that even the most mixtape laden backpackers internetters could feel.
The new album presents straight shots of classic soul (‘Black Is The Night’ f/ Kathrin DeBoer), charged MC-driven wake-up calls (‘Ballistic Affairs’ f/ Skinnyman) and dense, dubby instrumentals (‘Manchester’; ‘SD4’). The dark grooves of ‘Talk To Me’ reference Gwen McCrae’s ‘90% Of Me Is You’; ‘Fear’ and ‘Watch That Sound’ delve into the 80's 'Steely and Cleavie reggae/ dancehall revival whilst classic rap informs ‘Got To Rock’ and the sly, infectious ‘Soundcatchers’ with stalwart West Coast MC Abstract Rude.

Throw in the mystical Timbaland-esque ‘Like The Wind’ and the deep, slow burn of ‘Sufferin’ Blues’ and it adds up to a wholly fulfilling seventy minute experience. Stylistically leagues away from drab contemporary rap, The Sound Catcher is a bold and winning hybrid of 21st century hip-hop soul hot stepping it up into 6th gear.
01. Intro [play] 
02. Fear Feats feat. Emo and Syus [play]
03. Talk To Me feat. Sena [play]
04. Them Say feat. Diane [play]
05. Soundcatcher feat. Abstract Rude [play]
06. Manchester [play]
07. Kill Kill Kill feat. Big Red & Kathrin deBoer [play]
08. Milwaukee [play]
09. Like The Wind feat. Deuce Eclipse [play]
10. Black Is The Night feat. Kathrin deBoer [play]
11. Got To Rock feat. Zion [play]
12. Theme To Big Willy Dee [play]
13. Ballistic Affairs feat. Skinny Man, Singa Bling and Killa Kela [play]
14. Sufferin' Blues feat. Lil Green [play]
15. Bath In Bleach feat. Monte Smith [play]
16. Sd4 [play]
17. Watch That Sound feat. Emo [play]