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DJ Dixon - 'Body Language' - Volume 4 [shop]
Get Physical Music •
CD • GPMCD012 • 2007-04-23
If you like dance music, chances are second to none that you never came across Steffen Berkhahn. DJ Dixon that is. This boy is a discjockey in the truest sense of the word. That is what his bio says and anyone who ever experienced this good-looking kid (believe us he is the only one to shine in those slim-fit trousers) behind a pair of turntables can attest to this. His marvelous career starts in post-communism Berlin, where dance floor epiphanies in clubs like the legendary E-Werk or Tresor prevented him to practice further for a track & field gold medal. Dixon’s very first important on-going job after various guest spots was at the prominent WMF Club, where he held a mammoth residency together with Mitja Prinz. That was over ten years ago and while he was still busy shaping his unique way of telling the proverbial story with a bag of records, he hooked up with the chin-stroking jazz-affine boys of Jazzanova, started working on his first remixes for Femi Kuti, Beanfield or Taxi. His infamous “Off Limits” DJ-mixes placed him firmly on the international map and his Wahoo project cemented his reputation as soul boy.
The last two years have seen Dixon busier than ever before. His own impressive label Innervisions (run together with the Âme boys) is the result of his remarkable club night called “Inner City”. Taking place at Berlin’s Weekend Club, this monthly house congregation is still the talk of the town and his favorite playground to showcase his talent as a long night’s pontiff.
Speaking of talent:
“Body Language Vol. 4” is a prime example of a night with DJ Dixon, further proof of this man’s extraordinary skills and a steady companion for the future.
Following the footsteps of M.A.N.D.Y., DJ T and Jesse Rose, “Body Language Vol. 4” for Get Physical is his first proper mix-CD since the aforementioned “Off Limits”. Some people might be surprised to find Dixon’s name on a Get Physical product, but as there is a very good reason for it. “I was glad to receive Get Physical’s offer to design a mix for them. Of course, it’s not one of my usual or typical outlets, but I think therein lays a chance to reach a new and different audience on top of the one I usually have. Showcasing your style to listeners that are not too familiar with it, is always a challenge,” says Dixon.
This one is starting out with a rather unknown and atypical Timo Maas track, Dixon builds up the scenario from the low end of tings and is going through the motions.
The Chromatics deliver an exclusive and unreleased Balearic gem called “In The City” that corresponds completely with Danish dynamite duo Owusu & Hannibal before things go more up-tempo with some Eric Rug bonus beats. Next up you witness special treats for Thom Yorke’s (a Dixit), exclusive versions of Chateau Flight hits and the agitating Âme/Dixon/Henrik Schwarz conjoint “Where We At” (both tweaked and elevated together with Henrik Schwarz). Larry Heard with Mr. White and Stefan Goldmann’s salacious “Women In Toilet” remix (also embodied in an individual version) and finishing off with Baltimore’s Karizma, Telepopmusik edited by Dennis Ferrer and presumably 2007’s biggest hit: Tracy Horn in Martin Buttrich’s version, before stopping on a peak with his own edit of Smith’n’Hack’s Herbert treatment. All very well tempered, expertly honed and put together with style and grace.
Or in Dixon’s own words: “In a time, where a lot of people play music that is very empty and reduced on its effect, I wanted to create something else. The aim was to put together a selection with tracks that have a certain soulful quality about them. But without falling for the standard clichés like wailing divas or noodly Rhodes solos.”
Mission accomplished.
01. Timo Maas - "Slip In Electro Kid" (Edited for Body Language Vol. 4) [play]
02. Chromatics - "In The City" (Demo Version)[play]
03. Owusu & Hannibal - "Whats It About" (Original Version)[play]
04. Eric Rug Feat. Dynamax - "Tribute" (The Laroye & Ky Bonus Dub) [play]
05. Chateau Flight - "Baltringue" (Henrik Schwarz & Dixon Version) [play]
06. Mari Boine - "Vuoi Vuoi Me" (Henrik Schwarz Remix) [play]
07. Thom Yorke - "Eraser" (Original Version)[play]
08. It - "Women In Toilet" (Stefan Goldmann Macro Version) [play]
09. Larry Heard pres. Mr. White - "The Sun Can`t Compare" (Long Version) [play]
10. Henrik Schwarz/Ame/Dixon - "Where We At Pt.2" (Body Language Version) [play]
11. Karizma - "Tech This Out Pt. 2" (Original Version)[play]
12. Télépopmusik - "Love Can Damage Your Health" (Ferrer / Abicah Soul-Remix) [play]
13. Tracy Thorn - "It`s All True" (Buttrich Main Mix) [play]
14. Herbert - "Moving Like A Train" (Smith N Hack Mix) [play]
V.A. - '5 Years Of Get Physical' [shop]
Get Physical Music • 2
CD • GPMCD013 • 2007-06-11
In spring 2002, when Thomas Koch, Philipp Jung, Patrick Bodmer, Walter Merziger, Arno Kammermeier and Peter Hayo decided to start their own label at the now legendary Get Physical founding meal, none of the six could have imagined the personal – and global – repercussions this decision would have. Despite the impressive experience assembled around the table, they were about to take a headfirst plunge into the great unknown.

Five years on, Get Physical has grown and evolved into one of the globe’s top dance labels. Professionalism and an unshakeable passion for music have fused the musical six-pack into one strong unit. Bolstered by their own enthusiasm, the surge of excitement for their nearly 80 releases has lost none of its slickly pumping momentum. Between the sound coordinates of Chicago House, Electro and the odd splinter of Disco Funk, framed and defined by the founders’ eclectic tastes, Get Physical soon developed its very own catchy, yet unique sound cocktail to flood the world’s dance floors with unlimited bliss.

After the label’s initial thirteen releases, a solid foundation of anthems rooted in recent House history produced by Booka Shade’s Walter Merziger and introducing the core team of DJ T., M.A.N.D.Y., Chelonis R. Jones and Booka Shade, new artists like Lopazz, Elektrochemie, Jona, Heidi, Snax or Fuckpony brought equally novel impulses to the label. Impulses that time and again would break the mould and prevent an all too obvious Get Physical sound. Despite the talents on display, it is this willingness to subvert expectations and encourage differentiation that keeps fans and artists on their toes – each release is eagerly anticipated.

For a label with strong roots in clubbing, Booka Shade’s 2004 debut album ‚Memento’ heralded a further change in direction. All twelve tracks proved that - beyond the fast-paced 12” business and the pulse of the dance floor - there is plenty of room for electronic sounds that stand up to the artistic challenges of the album and CD format with pop-inspired ease. The club, the main frame and reference, is enriched by yet another facet.

Today, the Get Physical family comprises almost twenty artists - with a number of long-players in the works. In 2007, even more albums will leave the fold, without neglecting the label’s steady supply of 12“ to keep the dance floor busy. The mix CD series ‘Body Language’, exposing the skills and tastes of GPM hosts DJ T. and M.A.N.D.Y. as well as cutting-edge mix prodigies like Jesse Rose or Dixon, paves the way for several new compilation concepts to explore new realms beyond the club.

For the latest highlight in Get Physical’s exciting evolution from ephemeral dream of six music lovers to one of the globe’s most exciting and diverse imprints, check out the label’s fifth anniversary compilation. Besides a CD release featuring fourteen new and exclusive tracks by in-house talents (DJ T., Booka Shade, M.A.N.D.Y., Heidi, Elektrochemie, Chelonis R. Jones, Jona, Samim etc.) the label asked a selection of highly respected producers to raid its back catalogue and remix some of Get Physical greatest hits – in a style that breaks would mould of the label.
The remixed results reveal a broad and differentiated perspective of the various crossover spheres of (electronic) music. Remixes and reinterpretations by Hot Chip, Senor Coconut, Herbert, The Rapture, Moby, Earl Zinger, Henrik Schwarz, Sebastian Tellier, Padded Cell, Dexter, Fuiya & Miyagi, Larry Gold and Chris Clark not only bring some heavyweight names to the project, but impress with the care and inventiveness that has gone into treating the original tracks.

Naturally, the anniversary will be flanked by a European tour to celebrate these busy and eventful five years. A tour that will take the Get Physical DJs and live acts back to where it all began: the club!

What’s more, the label enjoys a meeting of minds with new cooperation partner K-Swiss. With the sneaker brand eager to get more involved with music, this long-term collaboration kicks off with the label’s 5th anniversary European tour. Beyond the obligatory tour T-shirts there will be an exclusive, limited edition of 300 USB sticks, available a. o. through exclusive media and webpage competitions and featuring an exclusive mix of recent Get Physical releases.

A full body workout, indeed. To the next five years!

CD 1 (The Remixes)
01. Chelonis R. Jones - "I Don't Know" (Herbert's Presets Only Mix)
02. M.A.N.D.Y. - "No Stoppin' "(Hot Chip Remix)
03. Fuckpony - "Ride The Pony" (SebastiAn Tellier Remix)
04. Booka Shade - "Night Falls" (Larry Gold's 'Night Falls Over Philly' String Version)
05. DJ T. - "Freemind" (Dexter Remix)
06. Booka Shade - "Vertigo" (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
07. Lopazz - "Migracion" (Fujiya & Miyagi Remix)
08. Williams - "Picadilly Circuits" (The Rapture Remix)
09. Jona - "Learning From Making Mistakes" (Sideshow Remix)
10. M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade - "Body Language" (Señor Coconut Remix)
11. Chelonis R. Jones - "I Don't Know" (Lopazz Remix)
12. Elektrochemie - "Pleasure Seeker" (Earl Zinger's Out In The Barn Remix)
13. Booka Shade - "Mandarine Girl" (Fakesch Remix)
14. Djuma Soundsystem - "Les Djinns" (Moby Remix)

CD 2 (The Exclusives)
01. Jona - "Fisherman"
02. Audiofly X - "Don't Panic Till I Said So"
03. DJ T. - "Once In A Lifetime"
04. Riton vs Heidi - "To The Gum"
05. Booka Shade - "Unhealthy Pleasures"
06. M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade feat. Laurie Anderson - "Oh Superman"
07. Einzelkind - "As Long As You Want Me To"
08. Elektrochemie - "Caiti"
09. Williams - "Illegal Ninja Moves"
10. Chelonis R. Jones - "Dirty Lipstick"
11. Lopazz - "The Fact"