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The current Policies are valid for all deliveries, services, counter-services, payments as well as for all reciprocal claims in connection with the company patpong records S.R.L. By acquiring items on this website it is assumed that you know and accept our Policies. We also point out that there are not taken into consideration the possible general terms of sale/purchase, terms of payment, terms of delivery, etc. of the partner in this contract. Additional individual agreements between the client and patpong records S.R.L. are to be made only in written form. The company patpong records S.R.L. is empowered, if needed, at any moment, to modify and/ or to complete these Policies, including the possible annexes and/or the prices, by making them public in an adequate deadline. The orders placed before the date of these modifications shall be treated in accordance with the Policies of the company which were valid at the date the order is placed. The orders are deemed as accepted only after written confirmation of the order, at the latest with the delivery.

The company patpong records S.R.L. reserves themselves the right to technical improvements respectively deviations and minimal modifications in format, colour, material, etc. due to the technical-productive conditions, as well as other minimal deviations from the presentation and the description of the product, to a certain extent that is acceptable for the client.

1. Distance Selling Act

1. In the cases in which the delivery contains audio/ visual and/ or software recordings and their seal was not broken by the client, or in the cases in which the textiles were not worn, washed nor soiled, the client is entitled to cancel the order in a deadline of two weeks. The two week period runs from the moment the order has receipt. The cancellation does not need to be accompanied by explanations on its reasons. To adhere to deadline the cancellation period, it is sufficient that the written cancellation of the articles is received at our address: patpong records S.R.L., B-dul Theodor Pallady, Nr. 42 B, Sec. 3, 032266 Bucharest, Romania.

In case of order cancellation, the amount of money which may have already been paid to patpong records S.R.L. for the articles shall be reimbursed by the company after receiving the articles, by transfer into the bank account of the client and to this aim, the client shall indicate to the company its number of account or it shall be returned in accordance with the agreement between the parties. The requirement of re-taking possession of the articles is to return it in an undamaged state. The articles which are damaged, worn or washed shall not be taken back and changed.

2. There are, excluded from cancellation right, the articles which were expressly ordered abroad upon request from the client.

3. The normal costs of returning the articles as well as those related to the initial transport are to be paid by the client. The returns made from the buyer are made at its own responsibility.

4. We kindly ask you that the packages returned be prepaid in a correct manner. The packages which are not properly being prepaid shall be refused. All assemblies or sets can be returned only if there are complete. The right to return the articles is not including the articles with a reduced price and either to those who are acquired, following a promotional campaign.

5. In principle, the samples shall always be invoiced; changing or sending them back is not allowed except the case in which the client has the express agreement of patpong records S.R.L.

2. Terms and deadlines of delivery and transport

1. In the case of deliveries on Romanian territory, these ones are usually made by mail/ courier from the warehouse, within two to four working days from the moment the order is placed and from confirmation of the payment. In the case of orders of titles from abroad and which are not in the warehouse and which need to be procured, the deadline for delivery can be extended to 3-4 weeks, depending on the case. The delivery is made so that we order and we deliver the articles to the client, promptly and also depending on the fact that the articles are delivered to us within the deadline. The company patpong records S.R.L. is not liable for delays which do not depend on it or in cases in which the articles can no longer be obtained. Any claim of compensation is excluded, except the case in which the employees of patpong records S.R.L. have deliberately acted with negligence. After receiving the client's order, patpong records S.R.L. shall inform you on the disposability of the ordered articles and on all details linked to the transaction of the order.

2. Deliveries inside the European Union (EU) and in the rest of the world, the EU terms of delivery are valid.

3. For the terms of delivery and prices outside Romanian we kindly ask you to request information at info@patpongrecords.com.

4. In case if the non-delivery of the articles is due to impossibility of the producer of the articles or of the subcontracting suppliers to make the articles available and the term of delivery is thus exceeded by minimum two months, then both parties, patpong records S.R.L. as well as the buyer, are entitled to cancel the contract. In this case too are excluded claims for compensation for non-delivery of the articles, respectively for non - fulfilment of the contract, even if for costs occurred before its cancellation. Exception can be made in case of a negligent action, a premeditated one, from an employee or a legal representative of the company patpong records S.R.L.

5. Promotional offers are valid as long as the articles exist and are available to this aim.

6. The company patpong records S.R.L. is exonerated of all liability once the articles are delivered (even if for partial deliveries or free transports for the buyer) to the transport company. The transport costs, even if indicated as a lump sum, shall be paid by the client.

7. In case if the articles, after two trials in which it could not be delivered to the client due to its fault, returns to the company, then the transport costs incurred shall be invoiced separately to this one.

8. The indications referring to the deadline of delivery are given in order to the recommended price. In case if upon placing the order the articles are not in stock, the company patpong records S.R.L. shall do its best to deliver as soon as possible. In case if non-delivery or delayed delivery of the articles is due to a case of forcemajeure or to certain situations for which patpong records S.R.L. is not liable, the deadline for delivery shall be extended accordingly. Upon failure to observe of the delivery deadline from other reasons, the client is entitled to establish in writing an adequate deadline and if this new deadline is also not observed, the client is entitled to cancel the contract.

9. All products you will find in the artists-section, will be distribute and deliver worldwide. The products of our distribution-labels, will only distribute and deliver on the territory of Romania.

3. Prices

1. There are valid the prices indicated on the Internet at the moment of the order, on the corresponding pages of the shop of the company patpong records S.R.L. All data referring to prices, quantities, deadlines of delivery, etc. from the printed price lists, order forms or from the catalogues of the company patpong records S.R.L., except the Internet ones, are usually given in order to the recommended prices. All prices are indicated in national currency RON and in EUR at a rate of exchange of EUR 1 = RON 3,3 which is given in order to recommended prices. The exact daily rate of exchange at the date of the order can be found on our website under the links.

2. All prices include VAT (VAT = 19%) and also all the price components that are valid at the date of the order.

3. To these prices are added the delivery costs  which are indicated on the Internet pages, respectively by the order forms, the valid catalogues and price lists of the company patpong records S.R.L.; these costs don't contain the 19% VAT.

4. The mount of the shipping costs by payments by creditcards, credit transfer or cash payment on our bank account and by cash on delivery on the territory of Romania are RON 6.

5. Orders of over RON 400, inside Romania, are free of packing and delivery fees. In case of a partial return of the articles, so that the value of the articles that is kept goes under RON 400, the packing and delivery costs shall be additionally invoiced by us.

6. The company patpong records S.R.L. reserves itself the right to make a partial delivery in case if such a delivery seems advantageous for the carrying out of the order. Special forms of delivery that are desired by the client are to be invoiced accordingly.

7. All prices are given as general information and can be considered at the warehouses of the company patpong records S.R.L., Bucharest.

8. In case of a not indicating increase price, you are entitled to cancel the order.

4. Terms of payment

1. Means of payment:

- by cash, upon taking delivery of the articles directly from our headquarters, in cash into our account opened with the bank: BRD - Suc. Policolor, Cont IBAN: RO40 BRDE441SV52930774410, SWIFT: BRDEROBU, by bank transfer, by credit cards (Master Card, Visa, AMEX, etc.) issued by the banks that are accepted by the company and cash on delivery.
The articles must be paid without price reduction.
Sending money or cheque by mail is not accepted.
Payment by credit card is made by the intermediate of the online payment services of www.websitewizard.com. Introduction of the personal data is made by using an encrypted connection SSL on 128 bytes. The personal information is not transferred to any third parties nor by patpong records S.R.L. and nor by websitewizard. Please be careful to correctly fill in the form and to indicate the persons to which invoicing and delivery are to be made. The e-mail address has an extreme importance because the information linked to the order and the ordered products shall be sent by e-mail. An incorrect e-mail address slows down the entire process of ordering the product. Moreover, patpong records S.R.L. and websitewizard will not be able to contact you and to inform you on the status of your order.

It is necessary that you fill in a form with the information on your card. For payments made with credit/debit cards issued by Visa and MasterCard (Visa/Visa Electron and MasterCard/Maestro) is used the Secure system which is conceived by these organizations, which provide for the online transactions the same level of security as for the ones made at the ATM or in the physical environment, at the trader. First of all, it  ensures that no information that is linked to your card is transferred nor it is stored, at no moment whatsoever, on our servers nor on the servers ofwebsitewizard, this data being introduced directly into the Visa and MasterCard systems.

This is a system of authentication of the identity of the card owners in the electronic environment. The authentication process of the owner of the card is made on the ground of the security code which is known only by the owner and it takes place only on the servers of Visa or MasterCard, in accordance with the case. The system allows you to make on-line shopping with any card issued under the Visa or MasterCard license, including the debit and the electronic ones Maestro and Visa Electron. Virtual cards issued by these organizations are also accepted. If the transaction by card was successful, the next window shall express thanks for placing the order on our site and it provides the relevant information for the order. This information you will also receive by e-mail. During the payment process you will be asked to fill in the following type of data:

The number of the card: a series of 16 digits is printed on the face of your card. It must be filled in without any free spaces or other characters.

The expiry date of the card: please select the month and the year in which the card expires. This data you shall find on the face of your card and there are four digits in accordance with the model 03/07.

The code CVV2/CVC2al of the card: these digits can be found on the back of the card in the area where your signature is. They are the last three digits from the row of digits. In the zone of the customer information, there is to be introduced the data which is stored by the bank and not your current addresses either the delivery address. The family name and the given name are the ones that appear printed on your card. The demanded address is the address at which the bank shall send the statement of accounts or other notifications. This address must correspond to the address declared to the bank which issued the card at the moment it is issued. The phone number must be active because both, our shop and the card processor or the banks, can contact you in order to confirm the transaction. The e-mail address must be real in order to be able to receive the notifications send by any of the parties.

We kindly ask you to carefully check up the order information and to accept the amount that will be processed, the name of the trader and the address of the virtual shop

We kindly ask you not to press several times on the button ‘Agree’ and not to close the window before you get the answer or you will return to the page of the virtual shop where you initiated the order. In case you have doubts on payment, it is necessary to contact us immediately. In this case, it is forbidden to the other participants to the acquisition process, such as the banks, the card processors or the virtual shops, to request the PIN number of your card. Any deviation from this condition is regarded as fraud attempt and it shall be subject to legal action.

2. In case if the client delays payment, then the company patpong records S.R.L. is entitled to charge interest, starting with the 31st day after the date of invoicing, amounting at 5% over the reference interest rate of the Central European Bank. Besides this, patpong records S.R.L. is entitled to ask minimum EUR 1,80 for drawing up and sending a formal notice, plus the additional costs which might arise.

3. Unjustified price reductions shall be invoiced, as a rule.

4.www.websitewizard.com (product of Implix sp.zo.o) is not responsible for the content of www.patpongrecords.com and the webstore http://patpongrecords.websitewizard.com.

5. Proprietary Rights

1. Until the payment is complete, the delivered articles remain property of the company patpong records S.R.L. The clients have to keep the articles carefully until the payment effects and to announce, without delay, contingently defects. In case if the client delays payment, the company patpong records S.R.L. is entitled to cancel the contract and request the return of the articles. The costs linked to the return of the articles, which are made after the elapse of the maturity period, are sustain to the client and has to be paid by them, except the case in which it paid them directly. The disposability over certain articles by a client, for which the transfer of ownership was not made yet, is allowed only under normal commercial conditions; articles which still are the property of the supplying company are not allowed to be given to a third party as pawn either as collateral.

2. Responsibility over the articles, referring to its accidental loss or deterioration, passes on to the client once the articles are delivered from the warehouse (even in the case of partial deliveries) to the transport company.

6. Warranty

1. The company patpong records S.R.L. ensures the fact that the products delivered in the framework of the order are delivered without defects and at the quality described. The articles must be inspected immediately after the reception if it is complete and without deteriorations. The client must make sure that it received by mail or by another transport company, a delivery that is free from damages and if needed, it must open the package immediately, in the presence of the representative of the transport company. The client shall not accept packages that are torn or intentionally opened while on delivery, otherwise it shall be considered that it accepted the delivery in the state it arrived, as being without deficiencies. If during a week no complaint arrives at the supplying company, it is considered that the articles arrived in a correct and complete state. All contingently complaints ulterior are thus excluded.

2. If the client informs about a flaw deficiency of articles received within the stipulated deadline, can be send back at the expense of patpong records S.R.L. or, by mutual agreement, the articles can be taken over by a courier designated by the company. To this aim, the client shall carefully pack the articles, shall write the addresses on the parcel and it shall hand it over to the post office or to the courier.

3. Defections, which even by a thorough inspection within this period remain undiscovered, must be communicated to the supplying company immediately after they are discovered.

4. We are kindly to remember to prepaid the parcels correctly which are returned. Please remind the fact that we refuse to take over unpaid shipments. For deliveries by couriers or other unusual delivery methods we are not assume the additional costs, over the normal postal costs. Assemblies and/ or sets can be returned only if complete. The returns from the buyer are made on its own responsibility.

5. All contractual responsibilities as well as the additional claims become extinct the latest six months after the transfer of responsibilities.

6. If a defect is hidden, communicated within the contractual deadline and patpong records S.R.L. is liable for the defect, patpong records S.R.L. shall perform the necessary repair for free or, upon request of the client, shall deliver again the due articles, immediately after receiving the defect articles. Upon incomplete return of the articles, patpong records S.R.L. shall replace only that part of the articles that was returned. The company patpong records S.R.L. is liable only for defects of the material or production defects and it declines all responsibility if the delivered articles was treated in an inappropriate manner or if it was submitted to a use for which it was not conceived.

Textile clothing, if the label does not indicate otherwise, shall be washed inside out, at maximum 30 degrees Celsius and shall not be dried in a drier.

7. If the company patpong records S.R.L. repeatedly fails to repair the articles or to replace it with the qualitative appropriate articles, the client is entitled to cancel the contract or to request an adequate reduction of the purchase price.

8. Other claims, regardless their cause, are excluded. The company patpong records S.R.L. is not liable for damages which did not appear directly by the delivered articles. It is especially excluded all liability due to unrecorded earnings or other indirect material damages. If there are excluded the liabilities referring to the company patpong records S.R.L., these liabilities are also excluded for its partners, its representatives and its various collaborators. These reductions or exclusions of liability are not valid if the company patpong records S.R.L. caused the damage to the articles by intentional inappropriate treatment. In this case, the liability of the company patpong records S.R.L. shall be reduced to typical damages that are produced in such cases.

9. The possible payments that were already made by the client for the articles as well as the costs incurred by re-expedition of the articles shall be transferred back to the client by patpong records S.R.L., as soon as possible, into the bank account of the client. To this aim, the client shall indicate to the company the number of account or they shall be returned in accordance with the agreement between the parties.

7. Data Protection

1. The personal data of the clients shall be secured and used only for the carrying on of the contract. This data shall be treated as confidential and they shall not be disclosed to other persons or companies.

2. The client is informed by patpong records S.R.L. over the type, contents, place and scope of the application, processing and utilization of its personal data in order to process its order. The client fully accepts the terms of taking over, processing and utilization of its personal data, to the extent in which they are necessary to the carrying on of the order/ contract.

3. The terms of personal data protection are valid only for the website of the company patpong records S.R.L. This site contains links to various other sources for which our security rules do not apply.

4. The confidentially rules of personal data translate into practice by the fact that our personnel is bound to observe the confidentiality over this data, and the technical security measures of the company are up to the current technical standard.

5. The company patpong records S.R.L. is entitled to update or to upgrade the technique and rules of data protection. In this case, the modifications shall be posted on these pages. The current status is dated 01.09.2007.

8. Forcemajeure

1. None of the contracting parties is liable for non-execution in due time or/ and inappropriate execution - total or partial - of any obligation whatsoever which is incumbent upon it on the ground of the present contract, if the non-execution or the inappropriate execution of the respective obligation was caused by forcemajeure, as it is defined by the law.

2. The party which invokes forcemajeure is bound to notify this fact to the other party, within three days from the occurrence of the event and also to take all possible measures in order to limit its consequences.

3. In case if within 15 days from its occurrence, the respective event shall not cease, the parties are entitled to notify to each other the cessation de iure of the present contract and none of them is entitled to claim damages.

9. Litigations, place of execution, the location of the trial court, applicable laws

Any attempt of unauthorized access to the site and any attempt of fraud shall be reported to the competent authorities. Any conflict that arises between the company and the client shall be settled in an amicable manner between the two parties. In case if this is not possible, there shall be applied the Romanian legal stipulations from this field and the settlement of the conflicts shall fall under the competence of the Romanian courts of law, the trial place being Bucharest in all cases. The company patpong records S.R.L. is entitled to file complaint also with the civil trial court (“Judecatoria”) from the headquarters of the client.

10. Severability clause

In case if any articles of the contract or of this Policies loose their validity, for example due to amendments brought to the laws, shall be held to be illegal, unenforceable or in conflict with the law of any jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining articles shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby. The parties are bound to replace the non-valid clauses by legally valid clauses.

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